Lollipop Continues to Grow and Kit Kat Becomes The Majority Version of Android

This time Google has taken a little more than normal to update statistics with percentages of use which has each version of Android. Few innovations to the view but with a pleasant surprise: Lollipop continues to grow while the older ones are losing ground. No hurry, because month-to-month growth has been small.

Lollipop It has gone from a 3.3% 5.4% According to the data published in April. Probably to some little but must take into account that in one month they have grown a lot. Good because it have manufacturers who have released updates throughout this month and the release of this version of series phones.

Slowly, but surely

The most “surprising”, note the quotes, is the rapid growth of Android 5.1. To make a version of the system appear in these charts, you must have at least one representation of 0.1%. In little more than 30 days It has managed to reach 0.4% of devices.

Old versions continue to decline for the good of all, but some continue to resist to die. Froyo and Gingerbread still surviving as that which most noticed the loss of users has been Jelly Bean, it seems that a few have given at least jump KitKat.

Although the growth of Lollipop is good news, there is much to celebrate. The adoption is being one of the slowest in the history, so far this year we have seen few releases 5.0 series. Curiously None of the Androids announced this year with Mediatek comes with this version, only Qualcomm and Intel (Zenfone 2) have confirmed or already on sale models.

Let us hope that the manufacturers react (some like Sony are doing very well with updates) but may not be that almost six months later the share of the most cutting-edge version of Android (talk about 5.0, not 5.1) is so tiny.