Maine Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the Northeastern USA, 86,156 km², 1,321,574 residents (2006 estimate), 15 inhabitants / km², capital: Augusta. Borders: Atlantic Ocean (S), New Hampshire (SW); Canada (NE, NW).

State of New England, whose territory is mainly mountainous to the N and W, hilly to the E and S; crossed by the Saint Croix, Penobscot, Kennebec and Salmon Falls rivers, it contains over 1600 lakes, the main ones being the Moosehead, Sebago, Chesuncook, Chamberlain, Grand and Rangeley lakes. The coasts are very indented, with narrow inlets that delimit long peninsulas, and are faced by numerous islands, the largest of which is Mount Desert. Important cities, in addition to the capital, are Lewiston, Bangor, Auburn, South Portland, Biddeford and Waterville. Economic resources of Maine are agriculture (potatoes, cereals, vegetables, fruit), breeding, fishing, the exploitation of forests and that of the subsoil (building materials); industries operate in the paper, wood, food, textile and metalworking sectors. Tourism. § Visited in the sec. XVI by European travelers, it had its first stable colony in 1625. Organized as a “colony of owners” on the basis of concessions made to Sir Ferdinando Georges and John Mason, in 1629 it was divided from the territory of New Hampshire and in 1677 annexed to Massachusetts. It returned to form a separate entity in 1820 (March 13), when, based on the “Missouri compromise” itWas admitted to the Union as a state. Its borders with the English territories were definitively established in 1842 with the Ashborton-Webster Treaty.

Below you will see top cities in Maine.

Augusta (Maine)

City ​​(20,441 residents) capital of Maine (USA), in the southern section of the state, port on the Kennebec River, from here navigable. Textile, wood, paper and footwear industries. It became capital in 1831.

Bangor (Maine)

City ​​(31,600 residents) of Maine (USA), 100 km NE of the capital Augusta, on the Penobscot river. It is a market for agricultural and livestock products, with wood, paper and leather industries. Airport.

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Maine Tenant-Landlord Law

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