Makeshift Costumes and Easy to Do for Carnival

Mardi Gras all think in creative and inexpensive costumes as well as easy to make. To help those who are in this situation, split up some suggestions of male and female fantasies.

Costumes for girls

  • Super heroine costume Generic

Grab a skirt, boots and gloves (rubber ones). With a piece of EVA, cut your name initial (or the initial letter of your super hero name) and paste in the chest. Tie a towel/cloth/curtain/shawl around his neck like a Cape.

  • Batgirl costume

You will need a black blouse, black skirt, boots (or shoes) and that Batman mask your younger brother. Cut a piece of EVA (preferably yellow) bat-shaped and paste in the chest. Optional: cut another strip of EVA and wrap around the waist, to make the belt. If you want, complete with black gloves and a black Cape that you used for witch outfit last year.

  • Supergirl costume

A Red skirt and a blue shirt. If you don’t have these pieces of

to make the times cover. clothes, jump to the next suggestion. Cut two pieces of EVA (a yellow and a red) and make the Superman symbol and paste in the center of the shirt. Get a towel/cloth/curtain/shawl

  • Sheila fantasy Dragon Cave

This is one of the most simple, just a pink dress and a purple Cape. Purple covers are not so easy to find in the market but just buy a square purple mesh in any fabric store. Hold the square in front of your body and find the exact Center of one of its sides. Move your hands about three inches to each side and mark. Attach a string in each markup, and use it to hold the cover on the back, leaving a remnant of fabric that will sometimes hooded. Complete with 5/8 Brown socks, replacing the boots of the character.

  • Bety costume the ugly (Ugly Betty)

Pack clothes that don’t match anything with each other. Female super-estampadas shirts with lots of frills and collars with excess tissue are a good thing. Complete with Pantyhose cafonérrimas, doll shoe, red glasses and a pendant with a large “B” in the neck. You can improvise a device entortanto a paper clip or piece of wire (being careful to attach something around the edges and avoid getting hurt).

  • Velma costume

Get thick glasses, an orange sweatshirt and a Red skirt (or brown). Complete with SOCKS 5/8. Look smart.

  • Wilma costume

Get a short white dress and a string of fake pearls. Secure the hair in a bun. Go to the party barefoot (this is the tricky part, because there is always the risk of getting hurt or slip).

  • Wicked Witch of the West costume

This costume was quite popular in the years 90. To make this costume be enough dust that your traditional costume of little witch (with pointy hat and etc) and complete with red and white striped stockings. To be even more faithful, green face paint and attach a wart on the tip of the nose.

  • Child costume

For this fantasy ideal would be to put an outfit together, if possible, full of colored balls, pets and designs, make two braids or Cornrows and put a sneaker.

  • Smurf costume

Buy a blue paint that you can apply in your entire body, then put a white dress and white accessory.

  • Hip fantasy

This is one of the simpler costumes and practice of composing, a white or black shirt, bracelets and necklaces, a polka-dot skirt with abstract designs or even flowers and sandals, if possible a small strip in your hair as headbands.

Costumes for boys

  • Fantasy of the Smudge

You will need, basically, a yellow t-shirt and Red shorts. Don’t worry about perfeccionismos. The shorts can be plastered, half striped, etc. .. Ideally, checkered, but the essential is that it’s red, and that’s enough. Get a cloth rag more or less red and with the length equal to twice the distance between your waist and its shoulders. Hold one end in front of bermuda, attach another behind. Take risks in the face with your mother’s eye pencil or mess with charcoal. Be careful with your eyes.

  • Clark Kent costume

Dress-up of Superman involves time and cloth, so We present here the generic version: Clark Kent. You only need a blue t-shirt (can be short-sleeved) and two pieces of EVA (a yellow and a red). Make the symbol of our hero and hold as you wish in the chest of the shirt. Place trousers and a shirt (preferably white) above. Jam gel hair and leave a Susan falling on the forehead. Be sure to only button half the shirt buttons. Glasses are optional.

  • Popeye costume

Roll dish towels or towels around the arms. Steal a pair of pantyhose and tights of your mother – skin color-and cut off the legs, remembering cutting also tips to spend on arms. Place the pieces in half on the cloths wrapped. Draw tattoos of anchors with black felt-tipped pen. Get a hat (or CAP) blue (or black) and paste a small anchor (preferably white) of Eve in it. To pose for a photo, close your left eye and give a half-smile, as if he had suffered a stroke.

  • Bird-Man costume

Cut a half circle in EVA yellow large enough to cover the top half of your face. “Eyes of wolverine” in EVE black. Glue a piece on the other. Put on a suit. TA-DA. Blue wings in cardboard or EVA are optional.

  • Wolverine costume

You will need to gel, a white tank top and toothpicks, Shish kebab. Jam gel and hair do “Devil horns” in the style of our hero canuck. Shave leaving large chops and ridiculous. Hold the barbecue sticks fingers and look bad. Very careful with them as they may hurt someone, maybe replace with EVA pieces thicker. The cigar in the corner of the mouth is optional and can be considered politically incorrect by new anti smoking laws.

  • Dexter costume

You will need black rimmed glasses, a white lab coat and gloves (purple, if you can). The party screaming: “Dee-Deeeee! Don’t press that button! ”

  • Fantasy of Bruce Willis

Shave your head and stain a white t-shirt with red ink. Decorate half a dozen films of actor and name a different character every time you ask. This is sinister, right?

Unisex Costume

  • Wall-E costume

Paint a yellow cardboard box. Write “Wall-E” with felt-tip pen on it. Drill holes to pass the arms, head and legs. Take a truckload of plastic and glue the wheels on the sides of the box. Wear a pair of diver

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