Male Folders – the Perfect Guide for You

1 time or other you will need to take your documents and items essential to the job. It’s been a while since the items of importance of a man no longer fit completely in the pockets, and not always the backpacks are an appropriate choice for the locations where you go.

To help you in this task, that meets your needs and don’t take your patience to the limits (men can be so demanding and incisors certain elements as women), we put together a quick guide to male folders, with everything you need to know to choose a product that meets your needs. We’ll show you the types of folders and some tips for using them properly.

What is a folder?

Male folders are ideal for carrying documents, notebooks, and other objects of importance to the day to day usually are used by corporate media professionals and executives who need to take the items mentioned above. For both, there are models themselves, which complete the costumes of these professionals and reinforce the image of credibility that the profession demands. Even so, there are models of male folders more deprived, that can be used by any person, in various occasions.

In General, male folders have neutral colors, like brown or black, which allows the combination with any i8. Are usually made of leather, ensuring more resistance and durability for your users, but it is possible to find models in nylon, canvas or other synthetic fabrics, featuring simpler models.

It is worth mentioning that the male folders are very different from men’s bags. Although sometimes fulfilling the same function, the folders are tuned to specific items, while the bags are for general use. In addition, folders can contain or not the handles option, and almost always have.

Types of folders

Basically, there are the following male folders:

Executive Briefcase

Is the model par excellence of the executives. Rigid and a square format, she is perfect to store and organize documents, facilitating the daily life of professionals who need to be with the paperwork organized dynamically. Their models prioritize more compartments and spaces, and can come with handles, depending on client’s choice;

Notebook folder

Model that became popular in recent years, this type of folder has the format more rectangular and wide, enough to put the portable computers, and some models are made to accommodate tablets too. Notebook folders also tend to be more varied in models and styles, some even bringing prints and brighter colors than the usual Executive folders and envelopes. Essential for those who come with the computer to all sides;

Envelope Folder

An intermediate in size between the Executive and the notebook folder, the folder envelope is used by executives as by more informal, since it may vary over the items you want to put on them. Usually come with handles for easy transportation, and different from the notebook folder, brings the same sober variations of Executive models.

Suggestions of Male folders

You are interested by the male, folders and now want more information of the best models for an investment, right? No problem, check out some tips of models within the folder types that show up. All models can be found in the Shrine:

Note17 – this model notebook folder accommodates up to 17 “models, with two partition to accommodate documents and small plastic folders for A4 paper. Available in sober colors such as beige, Brown and black, the model is great for those who like a more formal style, perfect for more serious occasions.

Case for iPad 2 – this template is more suitable for users of the Ipad 2, working in a similar manner to a notebook folder. This is a small leather case to put your tablet and it is not necessary to remove the unit from the case to take pictures, record videos, listen to music, or any other feature that normally would remove the tablet of your protection.

Executive Folder Adams Unisex – Made in leather and lined with satin lining, the model can be used by both men and women, being a good suggestion for couples. Adams Unisex model has 3 partitions, plus caneteiros, mobile holder and card holder, a visual very discreet and formal. Great for Executive environments.

Leather Briefcase Male Lab -This is a suggestion for those professionals who need a sturdy folder to handle the huge amount of materials you need to take to work, preferably in an orderly manner. Made in leather, has five partitions, two largest for organizing documents and books – and up to 15 “notebooks, and smaller pockets for other items of importance.

Adams Executive Male Folder -This is the favorite of many executives. Light, practical and with adjustable strap, the Executive folder Adams is great both for formal situations as formal. This particular model has three partitions, with papers, caneteiros, card holders, and a larger Pocket closed zipper to large items allow a quick and specific organization for each user.

Strapless Envelope Folder – As your type suggests, this is the simplest model to organize documents and paperwork. With three partitions, one for storing papers, a card and a Penhold, this is the template for those seeking discretion and simplicity.

Why use male folders?

Male folders are a practical and discreet option for those looking to load your items of importance in the work routine or to specific places. And even if your image to associate with Executive figures, there is a right to use model in a more relaxed manner. And the site of the Shrine you will find many more options than those suggested above. Pass on our website and choose the best model for you!


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