Mariana Rios Signs Exclusive Collection for Herreira

Actress Mariana Rios, who has invested in her career as a singer and songwriter, presents the Caribbean Dream collection

The Herreira semi jewelry makes a tribute to the Caribbean lifestyle. The brand bets on bold pieces, long and light shapes, full of personality, which reference the nightlife of the lively islands of the region. The Caribbean Dream collection features pieces with many stones such as turquoise, natural crystal and multifaceted zircônias in the shades of Emerald, onyx and Acqua Marine. Earrings and rings of silver and black rhodium, in addition to 18k gold bath, arrematados by colorful and cheerful productions bring the Caribbean climate to the campaign.

With the goal of celebrating life on the island, the collection also invests in the charming ensembles, hits of the brand, plus the mix of bracelets ranging from the beach to the feast with elegance and freshness. The pieces clicked by her will have her signature, since Mariana Rivers collaborated with ideas of things she likes most and her identity. With a Limitadíssima edition, the collection that will be available in the showrooms as of July 25th are already receiving orders.

The campaign was photographed on the morning of last Tuesday (28) in the studio of the photographer Danilo Borges, in São Paulo. The styling was on account of Yan t A, famous for composing looks of famous such as Sabrina Sato, Carolina Celico, Carolina Dieckman and Juliana Paes. The beauty was on account of the darling of the bloggers Aida Naves, Lelê Saddi and Layla Monteiro, Jr Mendes.

Owner of an eclectic taste, Mariana uses accessories ranging from mini to maxi, with very style. “When I met the Herreira I was enchanted by the history of the company and for its parts, quality and originality. Like I always had the dream of having a collection with my face, I was very happy to be able to do it in partnership with a brand that I really like, I follow and developed a great friendship, “Mariana tells me that is passionate about jewelry since the age of 24, when he began his career on television and earning his own money.

“Today for me is a very special day, because I am working with a team that I adore, for a brand that I admire and with a collection that has my face. I have no doubt that it will be a success, “Arremata Mariana who is totally devoted to his show, where he starts touring in August. “Although it is a familiar universe for me, I see it as a restart, a renewal” finishes.

The climate of the photos was cheerful and relaxed, reflection of the good humor and the charm of Linda Mariana Rios. And the news doesn’t stop there. Wait for more news and accompany us on social media and SnapChat. What about you guys? What did you think about our new campaign?


A year, the brand presents an average of 150 new unique and unique models. Producing an average of four to six collections per year, two or three each season with an average of 20 to 24 sets, the Herreira invests in the glamour of the 50 years to build powerful pieces that dress up sophisticated and powerful women like the characters interpreted by Glory Pires, Leticia Spiller, Wilhelmina Guinle and Deborah Nascimento.