Maska – the Swedish Way to Experience Naturalness

It can be a little bit more, because light cotton and a thin knit cool much better at high temperatures than you think.

Ein times in the gentle breeze stand and look into the expanse. Does very well. The prerequisite is, of course, that you can also look into the vastness, which is in a big city like Berlin, unfortunately seldom the case.

But his loopholes have to be searched again and again in order to let the head simply blow through. When the wind sweeps around the body, you can just focus on the game between the skin and the fabric. In the summer is often less often not more. It is not without reason that people in hot countries wear rather airy garments than they are quite scarce and uninspired. I think it’s similar. Not only that I am now extremely careful to protect myself from UV rays, a light cotton cools even more than a short tank top. Also a very thin knit can always wear summer incredibly comfortable, as here in my styling by MASKA.

Maska is Swedish and is translated as knitted stitch. The modelabel from Gothenburg already carries his passion in the name. Originally launched with a line of cardigans. Meanwhile, the collection has evolved and consists of airy basics, shirts, pants, blouses and dresses made of natural woven fabrics, which are always put together with high quality knitwear. Traditional hand-knitting techniques are commercialized, using only natural and sustainable yarns and production lines.

Typically Scandinavian is the style, clear and minimalistic, whereby exciting design gimmicks and beautiful details are of course never forgotten. The perfect look to adjust to different temperatures during the summer. Wide pajama pants, straight-cut shirt blouse dresses, light jeans culottes and again wide sweaters and cardigans from thin yarn according to ehistorylib.

For the designs of MASKA, the season really takes a little longer, because they can be worn very well until the autumn. But I’m still looking forward to the new autumn-winter collection 2016/17. Take a look, maybe you’ll find a few new favorite pieces in the sale.