Maxibrincos: Stay within the Trend of Summer

The accessories with exaggerated sizes were the sensation of SPFW 2016, tipping off as the favourite trend for the next season. Accompanying the Maxi wave, the giant earrings gained prominence on the catwalks, being presented by many renowned brands such as Salinas, Juliana Jabour and coconut water. Trend of the summer 2016, the Maxibrincos bring the most diverse references, from the Art Nouveau, with lace and tassels, to straighter and geometric cuts.

Besides smashing in the parades, the giant earrings promise to make beautiful on the streets too. Want to know how to get inside and take advantage of this trend to boost the visual? Follow our article and see our unseen tips!

Strong colours

No sobriety and discretion. The Maxi Wave is precisely to make the look striking, cheerful and flashy. To take advantage of the giant earrings in the high summer, choose the line of strong and vibrant colours. Everything to do with tropical, tanned and fun, the colorful maxibrincos are even more powerful made of resin or plastic, bringing to the look an incredible accessory.

Learn to highlight the differential

In any look, there is no way to go unnoticed by maxis parts. Therefore, be attentive to highlight the earring, combined or not with other exaggerated parts — but without extrapolating the boundaries of common sense. The Maxibrincos enrich all the looks, the most sober and urban to the most classics, as of the bridesmaids ‘ wedding. The deal is to choose the right model of the piece for your clothing and your style.

Using parts that value

The Maxibrincos ask for the right outfit to gain prominence and not become too heavy. They get irresistible with light fabrics, such as cotton and viscose pieces, and with sleeveless dresses, thin handles and models hopefully fall. Besides combining very well, they have everything to do with summer!

Motifs of the trend of the summer 2016

The Navy is still high, bringing elements both to the stamping and for accessories. Small anchors, seashells and starfish serve as a reference to this theme, which will be in all summer showcase. The Maxibrincos will bring the motives in the tassels, drawings or even as large objects.


The style of the 70 years remains strong in the fashion universe, present in the earrings by the very tassels, seeds, beads and small wooden pieces. The pieces that imitate lace, with a leaky style, are very jokey and promise to end in this year’s sales.


Rings, triangles and other geometric figures bring the most serious line of the Maxibrincos, which pleases the minimalist audience or a fan of the color block. At this point, bets are the metals and the ones made with one material. For those who love glitter, this kind of Maxibrinco certainly is a great company for the ballads and nocturnal events.

Maxi combines with Maxi

As much as it seems over, combinations of earrings and oversize necklaces are permitted and promise to raze this summer! Caution only to choose parts of the same material or tone, leaving the look more organic. Maxi prints will also be in many clothing, which can be matched for a full look of style and personality.

The idea is to exaggerate without fear, combining neutral and colored parts for a knockout look. Did you like our tips? Also enjoy our Facebook page and don’t get out of any trend!