Meet the Electronic Massager for Discreet Backpacks and Cheap

High school students at the Uirapuru School in São Paulo developed an electronic massager for backpacks. Called Joy, the device is about two small cushions with a vibration system inside, which attach to the top of the handle, providing relaxation to the musculature. The idea of ​​the product is to end the back pain caused by the excess weight in the luggage.

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Of course the massager does not need to stay on all the time. Joy has a switch to turn off the vibration, plus the input to the batteries, which provide the power. Apart from immediate relaxation, vibrations improve blood circulation, ease muscle tension and decrease stress, according to young developers.

The project began in September, when the NGO Junior Achievement went to the school in the state capital and made the proposal to the students. Despite the moral incentive, it was the young people themselves – a group of 30 students from technical courses in business administration and information technology – who invested money to buy the raw materials.

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Despite the simplicity of the invention, there are no similar products on the market. Conceived by Gustavo Pereira, 17, Joy was tested by several people at the school. According to the creators, everyone who tried the trial version wanted to buy the product, which boosted production. There is no availability date yet for sales.