Melodious luxury edition of Lancome

The perfume bottle in the luxury edition of “La Vie est Belle” sits nestled under a glass Bell.

For an exclusive collector’s Edition of her perfume “La Vie est Belle” has something special settle Lancome and equal with two other masters of their craft working hand-in-hand: with the Swiss music box Reuge music box manufacturer and the French Crystal manufacturer Baccarat. The magical result smell not only good, but also very melodious sounds, twinkles seductively and rightly bears the name “Edition The”, “Magic Edition”.

“La Vie est Belle”, “Life is beautiful” – already the optimistic name of the perfume sounds like a cheery promise, signaled carefree lust for life and happiness. ‘Pretty Woman’ Julia Roberts, the actress with the most compelling and brightest smile of ever, as a testimonial of the serene attitude embodied in ideal occupation.

Special Edition in the form of a Game Clock

With his heart notes of IRIS, jasmine and orange blossom, the star perfumer Olivier Polge, composed the scent Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo 2012 for Lancome. As a top note pear and black currant open the mainly floral powdery round of fragrance fruity, to give him a sweet seductive finish with chocolate, vanilla and patchouli as the base note. Memories of carefree childhood days and pink cotton candy at a Carnival be while awake. To give the shape of a game watch the Special Edition of this perfume, there appears as ingenious, coherent idea.

Magical Moments in a Music Box-Miniature

The perfume bottle in the luxury edition of “La Vie est Belle” sits nestled under a glass Bell like a precious exhibit in a glass display case: a transparent box in the box, coated with an also glass music box. Furthermore, a sparkling glittering miniature crystal chandelier, for whose lighting Baccarat created each 133 small crystals in drops form and 48 Crystal tubes depends on alluding to the video with Julia Roberts.

144 Crystalline Notes Button

The song “Beautiful Days” of the Belgian band “Venus”, at the same time the title tune to the campaign with Julia Roberts will play. A push of a button, and it sounds one after the other the 144 crystalline notes, while the perfume bottle studded with Swarovski crystals turns his pirouettes and shine brings the crystal chandelier with his dancing light reflections. A metal plate with the name of the fragrance is attached on the front of the small music box behind a Panel. As a special extra highlight the look inside is released; so the intriguing mechanism of the game clock can be at the same time – watch the rotating cylinder of the pinned barrel and its about stroking comb – in action.

The last Music Boxes Manufactured of in Switzerland

Holy-Cross, in the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains was once the Centre for the production of music music box, music box and metal mechanically chirping songbirds. Today has only nor solely Reuge a two centuries old know how and the craft of mechanical musical instruments the endangered alive, founded in 1865 by the watchmaker Charles Reuge, survived as the last of its kind two world wars, the invention of the phonograph, and the competition of cheap mass product from the far East, by focusing the company consistently on the luxury segment, exclusive gifts and individual custom-made products.

Luxury Edition for Lancome: 120 days Fine Work

The luxury Edition for Lancome is a special Special Edition. 120 days of precision and Fine work into each of these hand-made miniature music boxes by Reuge. The Christmas “Edition The” from “La Vie est Belle” is strictly limited and includes only 15 copies. Since the end of October, you can admire one of the rare collectibles on the Paris Fields-Elysees in the Sephora beauty store. From 15 November you will be the luxury edition of “La vie est Belle” in Paris at the Institute Lancome in the rue Suburb Saint-Honored. Price on request.