Men’s Necklaces: 6 Tips For Not Making A Wrong Choice

Men’s Necklaces: 6 Tips For Not Making A Wrong Choice

Men are increasingly investing in accessories to complement the look.One of the highest options in the world that is growing in Brazil is the necklaces.They help to finish the look and often totally change the look.

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The choice of model is personal, as the accessory will relate to the style of the man and his tastes.There are classic examples, elegant, modern, inspired by rock, surf, religion, etc.Check below tips for not making a mistake!

1 – Prefer The Models Of Men’s Necklaces That Have Your Style

The type of necklace will depend on the preferences of each one, because there are several options and materials: jewelry, semijoints , leather, metals, among others.If the man’s style is still not well defined or there are doubts, here’s a tip: give preference to craftsmanship , made with a creative and quality design.These products usually bring more elegance, creativity and originality to the look.

2 – Be Aware Of The Size

When it comes to this aspect, the options are also many.Our orientation is to be attentive to the size of the neck: if it is too broad or short, a fair and thick collar will accentuate these characteristics;Even men who have this thin and elongated body part, can bet on the help of this accessory to give volume.Also note the type of blouse that will match the collar, it should fit the neckline.

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3 – Match The Pendant With The Necklace

The pendant should have a proportional collar to hang it on.If it is too large, it will not look good with a cord that is too delicate or short.Balance should be the goal.

The type and model of the pendant can be a way of expressing the style and the preferences of the man: it can have to do with the taste of music, religion, movies, TV series, etc.They can also refer to the occasion or combine with the rest of the look.For example, in a beachy look, nautical themes look great.

4 – Balance The Use Of The Collars With The Stamp

Can mix men’s collar with printed blouse, no problem at all.Again, it is necessary to seek balance.Set an order of priorities, decide which item you want to receive more prominence in the visual.The other must call less attention, be there only as a complement, being more discreet.

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5 – Mix Several Necklaces

Many men have doubts about using more than one accessory.The composition with several necklaces looks great.Bet on items of different sizes to create an interesting harmony and prefer smaller pendants, not to overload the neck.With more discreet clothes, the mix of laces will be the bossa of the look.

6 – Invest In Semijoias

The accessories of gold, silver and other noble materials end up becoming a weight.They compromise their safety and can not be used anywhere.Even very cheap materials can peel, rust quickly and still stain clothing.The semi-jewels have a perfect look, carry elegance, have excellent durability and a fair price.

This makes the task of choosing men’s necklaces easy and pleasurable. These accessories will make the look much more interesting and can still be combined with others such as the men’s bracelets . Just put one that values ​​the look and body type.

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