Mission Test: Semi-Estanco 7 Mm Wetsuit

Our brand Tribord, has launched to the market a costume semi-dry 7 mm, Subea with the best materials and Assembly of market techniques so that divers remain warm even in cold water.

Costume-tightness is ensured by smooth double cuffs in the extremities (neck, ankles and wrists), which can be folded. The hood also has this type of sleeve in the contours of the face with a preformed Chin protector. The zipper back ‘ T concept’ completely blocks the entrance of water in the suit. Brings the heat with polyamide lining and 7 mm neoprene Sheico. It is also reinforced with Thermospan on the back and bust. The separate 7 mm hood has a plush interior.

Despite its thickness, this costume is easy closing double cuffs with zipper on the arms and legs. In addition, facilitates movements due to their single piece without hood, side of Ultraspan panels and the absence of seams under the armpits.

Do you want to know more?

Semi-estanco costume works the same way as the wet suit for swimming, with the only difference being the dorsal closure concept T ZIPsealed. Sockets in the extremities hinder the circulation of the water. In reality they are items with low water circulation. So the water is not renewed, which means less energy loss. But even so, the body is wet. The advantage of this costume is the heat during the dive.

Features of our costume Subea semi-dry 7 mm:

Thermal insulation:

Wetsuit 7 mm from commit4fitness.com. Close dorsal concept T ZIP sealed. Thermospan at the bust and back. Sheico L. Forro polyamide foam. Seal of extremities by double smooth sleeves, that can be folded to provide optimal sealing. -Turtleneck, intended to bend with the smooth side on the skin to ensure tightness. -Costume made with 7 mm neoprene foam, covered on both sides by a different thicknesses polyamide fabric.

Easy installation:

Double cuffs with zipper in extremities (neck, ankles and wrists), which can be folded to provide optimal comfort in the placement. For a more practical use, the cursor is elongated to facilitate the dorsal closure.

Abrasion resistance:

Ergonomic in knees (Supratex) reinforcements and shoulders, protection on the wrist to limit the effects of the gall of the computer. Interior reinforcements to increase wear resistance and long service life. End of Interior seams reinforced by parts.Strength of the glued seam sewn with polyamide rather than polyester thread to offer greater resistance to abrasion.

Freedom of movement:

Suit with separate hood. Panels of Ultraspan to adapt to physical constitutions and offer maximum adaptability to the different corpulencias. Absence of seam under the armpits, to facilitate the mobility of arms. Preformed cut.

Class thermal performance:

This scuba diving costume features a thermal protection tested by the independent Institute PPI, to validate their compliance with the standard in force (NF EN 14225-1: 2005). This costume is approved class A


Separate hood neoprene 7 mm thick, plush (Plush) inside, edging on the face and Chin preformed.

Air System eject: System to evacuate the air bubbles contained in the inside of the hood.

Fitted with a carabiner to clip into the right thigh of the costume.

After reading these features would you like to try it?