Missouri Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the central USA, 180.516 km², 5.842.713 residents (2006 estimate), 32 residents/km², capital: Jefferson City. Borders: Iowa (N), Illinois (E), Kentucky and Tennessee (SE), Arkansas (S), Oklahoma (SW), Kansas (W), Nebraska (NW). “The geographical map of the state is on page 38 of the 15th volume.”

State Overview

The territory is flat in the E and gently undulating in the NW, while the central-southern and south-western sectors are affected by the Ozark plateau. The main streams are Mississippi, which forms the eastern border, and Missouri, which marks the northwestern border and, bending to the E, crosses the state until it flows into Mississippi. The Grand River, Chariton, Osage and Gasconade descend to Missouri; to Mississippi they pay the Des Moines, the Fabius, the Salt River, the Meramec and the Black River. The climate is continental, with harsh winters and hot and humid summers; rainfall varies from 900 to 1200 mm per year. Main economic resources are agriculture (cereals, soybeans, tobacco, vegetables, fruit), livestock (pigs, cattle), forestry and subsoil exploitation (lead, coal, iron, zinc, barite, oil); the industry, especially active in the mechanical, food, electrical, chemical, tanning, glass and paper sectors, is concentrated in the two major cities:Kansas City. The other major cities, besides the capital, are Springfield, Independence, Saint Joseph, Florissant, Columbia City and Joplin.


Detached from Louisiana, of which it constituted the northern part, in 1812 it took the name of Missouri and was admitted to the Union in 1821, following the compromise of Missouri. Its economy, originally based on the fur trade, agriculture and breeding, developed considerably after the advent of the railway (at the beginning of the second half of the 19th century). After the Secession war, in which Missouri remained faithful to the Union despite conflicts, in 1875 he introduced a new Constitution that abolished slavery.

Below you will see top cities in Missouri.


City ​​(38,900 residents) of the State of Missouri (USA), 220 km S of Kansas City, 317 m on the Ozark Plateau, near the border with Kansas. Located in the center of a region rich in lead and zinc deposits, it is home to metallurgical, mechanical, food and chemical industries. Airport.

Columbia (Missouri)

City ​​(63,100 residents) of the State of Missouri (USA), 190 km WNW of Saint Louis, to the left of the Missouri River. Agricultural market with textile, food, footwear and clothing industries. Airport. University of Missouri founded in 1839.

Saint Joseph (Missouri)

City ​​(71,900 residents) of the State of Missouri (USA), 50 km NNW of Kansas City, 248 m on the left of the Missouri River. Active river port and agricultural (cereals) and livestock market, it is home to food, metalworking and chemical industries. Airport.


City ​​(110,303 residents in 1996) of the State of Missouri (USA), on the right of the Missouri River, on the eastern outskirts of Kansas City. Mechanical, electrical engineering and building materials industries.

Springfield (Missouri)

City ​​(143,407 residents in 1996) of the State of Missouri (USA), 300 km SW of Saint Louis, 410 m on the Ozark Plateau. It is an important railway and road junction with the food, textile, steel and wood industries. Airport.

Jefferson City

City ​​(34,911 residents in 1998) and capital of the State of Missouri (USA), 170 km W of Saint Louis, 163 m on the right of the Missouri River. Agricultural and livestock market and cultural center (Lincoln University), it is home to the food, mechanical, footwear, plastics, clothing and furniture industries. Airport.

Mo. – Kansas City Fair Housing Center

Missouri organization exhibits a guide explaining fair housing and how victims can respond. Includes contact information.

Website: http://kcfhc.fairhousing.com/

Mo. – Landlord-Tenant Law, A Consumer Guide

Missouri attorney Ed Reed delivers an introduction to general landlord-tenant law, noting state-specific issues. Holds links to the firm.

Website: http://www.realweb.com/agent/edreed/law.htm

Mo. – Metro St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council

Missouri org. introduces itself and its services, and conveys primers on complaints, laws, tenant rights and indicators of illegal activity.

Website: http://stlouis.missouri.org/501c/ehoc/

Mo. – Missouri Attorney General, Landlord-Tenant Law

State legal office presents a primer to relevant property leasing law, covering repairs, discrimination, subleasing, eviction and expiration.

Website: http://www.ago.state.mo.us/landlord.htm

Mo. – Resources for Renters

Users visiting this data center can gain access to organizations, publications and guides, all devoted to Missouri landlord-tenant law.

Website: http://directory.tenantsunion.org/missouri.html

Mo. – Title 29, Chapter 441

Defines relevant terms regarding the rental relationship, and covers such issues as covenants, termination, rent, possession, remedies and liens.

Website: http://www.moga.state.mo.us/STATUTES/C441.HTM

Missouri Tenant-Landlord Law

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