My Slipeers…

… tacking!

A footwear trend that if I like. Always I’ve liked the dancersthat were fashionable and of course, to the slipeers, I see them as a variant of dancer, I could not resist. And now if you are tacking… maybe what I will tell!

My Slipeers... 1

There is only an inconvenience… and is that with the cold I have me them I’m putting very little! Between the cold and the rain almost I have no chance to get them. I do not know if the pregnancy or why but this winter I’m having by farcolder than ever. I see that with the same clothes and footwear from other guys of cold years, so as you can see I’ve had to wait to do some Sun to get them.

My Slipeers... 2

I repeat once again dress, but it is very helpful and more warm than the others I have, reported by MATERNITYGUIDES.COM. He did a lot not going out on the blog is the bag. Cost me very little in Primark (I don’t remember well, but I think 2 euros) and as I am fan of type 2.55 bags and baratin… so I had to take!

My Slipeers... 3

Well, tell that once more my cockles “looks like” a baby, so little by little I’m doing to the idea that I’m going to have a little Princess. My Princess Nora! Time pregnancy is super (hopefully happen always) and I have little more to tell… Well if that surely the week coming in the next post has a surprise to teach…

… A track… XL and beauty…

A huge besote!