Nebraska Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the central USA, 200,350 km², 1,768,331 residents (2006 estimate), 9 inhabitants / km², capital: Lincoln. Borders: South Dakota (N), Iowa (E), Missouri (SE), Kansas (S), Colorado (SW), Wyoming (W).

State Overview

Nebraska is predominantly flat, or undulating, in the eastern and central sectors; proceeding towards W, the altitude gradually increases and the landscape becomes more varied due to the intense erosive action of the rivers, which have affected deep valleys. The northwestern part of the state is affected by massive meteoric erosion phenomena, which have given rise to badlands. The main rivers are Missouri, which marks the eastern border, with the Niobrara tributaries and Platte, and the Republican River, a tributary of the Kansas River. There are numerous lake basins, however largely artificial. The climate is continental, with strong temperature fluctuations: rainfall is around 700 mm per year. The main economic resources of the state are agriculture (cereals, vegetables, fruit, soy, potatoes, sugar beets), cattle and pig breeding, the exploitation of the subsoil (oil, cement marl) and industry, developed in food sectors (sugar factories, canneries, milling complexes), mechanical, electronic and pharmaceutical sectors. Important cities, in addition to the capital, are Omaha, Grand Island, Hastings and Fremont.


Passed to the United States when in 1803 they bought Louisiana (of which it was part), it was for a long time neglected by pioneers and economic operators, until it was organized in the Territory in 1854. The dramatic congressional debate centered on its future as a free or slave state relating to the Kansas-Nebraska-Act, by which the Missouri Compromise was overcome with known consequences for the future of the Union. The current Constitution was approved in 1866 and the following year the state was admitted to the Union. At the end of the century XIX the populists achieved notable successes.

Below you will see top cities in Nebraska.

Fremont (Nebraska)

City ​​(24,000 residents) of the State of Nebraska (USA), 45 km WNW of Omaha, on the Platte River. Agricultural (cereals) and livestock market with food, metallurgical and building materials industries.

Hastings (Nebraska)

City ​​(23,000 residents) of the State of Nebraska (USA), 35 km S of Grand Island, to the right of the Platte River. Agricultural market with engineering, electrotechnical and food industries.

Grand Island

City ​​(33,200 residents) of the State of Nebraska (USA), 140 km WNW of Lincoln, 567 m near the left bank of the Platte River. Important railway junction, there is an active agricultural market (wheat, fruit, vegetables, sugar beets) and animal husbandry, with food, mechanical and building materials industries. Airport.


City ​​(371,291 residents in 1998; 681,698 residents the metropolitan area in 1996) of the State of Nebraska (USA), 80 km NE of Lincoln, 296 m on the right of Missouri, just upstream of the confluence of the river in it Platte, facing Council Bluffs (Iowa). A major hub of road and rail communications and an active river port, in the heart of a region intensely cultivated with cereals and fodder, it is home to flourishing metallurgical (lead), textile, petrochemical, mechanical, food and chemical industries. Creighton University (1878) and Nebraska (1908).

Lincoln (Nebraska)

City ​​(209,192 residents in 1996) and capital of the State of Nebraska (USA), 260 km NW of Kansas City, 351 m in the southeastern part of the State. Important agricultural-commercial center, it is home to food, mechanical, chemical, graphic, clothing, furniture, building materials and rubber industries. University (University of Nebraska, 1869, and Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1887). Airport. Founded under the name of Lancaster, it was called Lincoln in 1867 in honor of Abraham Lincoln when it was chosen as the state capital.

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Nebraska Tenant-Landlord Law

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