Nevada Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the Western USA, 286,352 km², 2,495,529 residents (2006 estimate), 9 residents / km², capital: Carson City. Borders: Idaho (NE), Utah (E), Arizona (SE), California (S, W), Oregon (NW).

State Overview

The Nevada extends almost completely in the Great Basin (Great Basin), one of the broad plateaus that are opened between the Rocky Mountains and the mountains Wasatch E, the Cascade chain and the Sierra Nevada to the W, dominated by numerous ridges oriented in the NS direction, with numerous peaks exceeding 3000 m (Duckwater Peak, 3410 m; Mount Jefferson, 3642 m; Wheeler Peak, 3982 m); however, the highest peak in the state is Boundary Peak (4005 m), on the border with California. The climate is sub-desert type, with very low rainfall (from 80 to 300 mm per year): the territory is in fact almost entirely areic or endorheic, with the exception of the northern sector, crossed by some tributaries of the Snake river, and of the south-eastern sector, crossed by some tributaries of the Colorado River, which forms the southeastern border of the state. On the plateau rivers are few and poor in water: the most important is the Humboldt River, which flows into the lake of the same name. The other lake basins are the Pyramid, the Walker and the Mead. The main economic resources are tourism, the exploitation of the subsoil (gold, copper, iron, antimony, silver, mercury, manganese, tungsten) and industry (chemical, wood, metallurgical, food), while a secondary role has the agriculture (cereals, potatoes, sugar beets, vegetables, fruit) and breeding (cattle, sheep). Important cities, in addition to the capital, are Las Vegas, Reno, North Las Vegas and Sparks.


Transferred to the USA from Mexico in 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, it was part of California (until 1850) and then of the territory of Utah (one of the first settlements was founded by the Mormons). In 1861 it was organized in the Territory and in 1864 admitted to the Union. Rich in mineral resources, including silver very important, it became very prosperous in the last thirty years of the nineteenth century. The Silver Association was founded in Nevada (1885), which gave rise to the movement of WJ Bryan.

Below you will see top cities in Nevada.


City ​​(155,499 residents in 1996) of the State of Nevada (USA), 300 km NE of San Francisco, 1370 m asl in the valley of the Truckee river, near the border with California, on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada. Important agricultural market (cereals, vegetables, fruit, fodder), livestock and forestry, is home to extractive industries (gold, silver, copper), food, mechanical and wood. The city is a popular tourist resort, also famous for the ease with which divorce is granted. Airport. University of Nevada (1874).

Las Vegas

City ​​(404,288 residents in 1998) of the State of Nevada (USA), 360 km NE of Los Angeles. Located in an intensely cultivated agricultural area, it has recently become an active commercial and mining hub, thanks also to the richness of the subsoil of the surrounding area (silver, iron, copper and zinc). Its fame is however linked to the presence of numerous and frequented gambling houses, which attract many tourists and enliven the nightlife of the city, and to the ease with which the various city courts grant a divorce.

Carson City

City ​​(49,301 residents in 1998), and capital of the State of Nevada (USA), 40 km SSE of Reno, E of Lake Tahoe, 1420 m on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, in a fertile irrigated region to the left of the river Carson. Silver mines. Its name derives from that of the explorer and pioneer Kit Carson (Kentucky 1809-Fort Lyon, Colorado, 1868) who arrived there during his expeditions.

Nev. – Resources for Renters

From the Tenant Resource Directory, this catalog contains contact info, email addresses and links to orgs and data devoted to rental matters.


Nev. – Revised Statutes, Chapter 118A

Scrutinize the text of this chapter governing landlord-tenant matters including party obligations and available remedies.


Nev. – Truckee Meadows Fair Housing, Fair Housing Act

Nevada assoc. offers an overview of the federal act, outlining its aspects and supplying warning signs. Find links to related news and resources.


Nevada Tenant-Landlord Law

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