New Hampshire Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the Northeastern USA, 24,032 km², 1,314,895 residents (2006 estimate), 55 residents / km², capital: Concord. Borders: Maine (E), Massachusetts (S), Atlantic ocean (SE), Vermont (W); Canada (N).

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State Overview

Federated state of New England, whose territory, gently undulating in the SE, becomes mountainous in the N, where the White Mountains rise (Mount Washington, 1917 m), which are part of the Appalachian system; the entire western sector is affected by the New England altars, on average 200-400 m high and dominated by some isolated residual reliefs made up of particularly resistant rocks such as Mount Monadnock (965 m), which gave its name to all the reliefs having these characteristics, and Mount Kearsarge (895 m). Main rivers are Connecticut, which forms the western border of the state, the Merrimack and the Androscoggin, all tributaries of the Atlantic ocean. Economic resources are agriculture (cereals, vegetables, fruit and fodder), breeding (cattle, poultry), fishing and forestry; industries (footwear, textiles, electrotechnics, food, wood, paper) are located in the capital and in the cities of Manchester, Nashua, Dover and Portsmouth.

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The region that later formed the state of New Hampshire, one of the thirteen original states of the Union, was granted to John Mason in 1622. The colonial period was characterized by religious controversies, particularly between Anglicans and antinomians, and by territorial disputes with Massachusetts. Part of the Dominion of New England from 1686 to 1689, efforts to obtain an autonomous administration failed, it was temporarily united with Massachusetts, from which it separated in 1692, becoming a crown colony. The border disputes with Massachusetts ended in 1741 on the basis of a royal decision and those with the State of New York in 1764. During the war of independence, it was among the busiest states and its troops won in 1777, along with those of Vermont, the battle of Bennington. Federalist until 1816, he then oriented himself preferably towards the Republicans.

Below you will see top cities in New Hampshire.

Concord (USA)

Name of some cities in the United States. § Agricultural-industrial center (114,850 residents In 1996) in California, 80 km SW of Sacramento. § Industrial center (16,900 residents) In North Carolina, 175km WSW of Raleigh. § Commercial center (16,300 residents) In Massachusetts, 30 km NW of Boston, theater of the battle which in 1775 marked the beginning of the war of independence. § The capital (37.021 residents In 1996) of New Hampshire, 100 km NNW of Boston.

Manchester (New Hampshire)

City ​​(100,967 residents in 1996) of the State of New Hampshire (USA), 30 km S of Concord, 70 m on the Merrimack River. Main center of the state, it is home to thriving mechanical, textile, footwear, clothing, chemical, food, wood and paper industries.


City ​​(79,700 residents) of the State of New Hampshire (USA), 50 km S of Concord, 50 m at the confluence of the river of the same name in the Merrimack River, near the border with Massachusetts. Textile, mechanical, electronic, paper, wood, rubber and footwear industries.

N.H. – Landlord Connection Legal Corner

Resource center maintained for N.H. landlords focuses on legal developments. View legislative texts and histories, and survey articles and links.


N.H. – Renting, Security Deposits and Evictions

State Department of Justice targets its renting consumers with this manual about tenant rights and laws. Provides links and contact information.


N.H. – Resources for Renters

Investigate the resources housed in this guide addressing matters about landlord-tenant relations. Exhibits contact information and links.


N.H. – Tenant Rights

N.H. renters feeling wronged by landlords can check for legal handles and learn about rights in this guide from the Legal Advice Referral Center.


N.H. – The Eviction Process

Legal Advice and Referral Center donates its pamphlet about this aspect of the rental relationship, expounding on possible, related law concerns.


New Hampshire Tenant-Landlord Law

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