New Year’s Eve in Bahia Will Have Jonas Blue

The fifth edition of the Sundance Festival promises to be an unprecedented experience.Held in Uíki, in Arraial d’Ajuda, in the south of Bahia, one of the most popular destinations in Brazil, the event comes with many new features this season.There will be three days of celebration: December 28th, 29th and 31st, with programming that will be extended to the whole day, with music, fashion and gastronomy.The multi sectors will be divided into two stages, Beer Alley, Windsurf Memorial, Gastronomic Feirinha and Fashion.

No Line up, national and international artists such as Nando Reis, Jonas Blue, Vintage Culture, Joy Corporation, Bruno Be, Pete Tha Zouk, Raul Mendes and Illusionize, among others, will be responsible for sound on Sundance Paradise Flowers, And New Year’s Eve Uíki Sundance.The production of the event is signed by the producers It’s Shooow Time and TF7, both from Belo Horizonte and with extensive experience in major events.Tickets for the Sundance Festival are now on sale through festival has also partnered with the travel agency Belvitur Viagens, which has special packages for the destination.



The main stage of the festival celebrates the summer and calls everyone to the “Dance of the Sun”.The venue will host great artists from the national and international scene, with nightly programming.


An immense lawn, a sustainable stage, a fair of gastronomy and fashion, where everything begins.Throughout the day, various attractions, starting the musical program of the festival.It’s the garden, the Sundance yard.


Beer lovers will have a special point in the event.At Beco da Cerveja, several labels will be available, for all tastes.Special infrastructure for bohemians who want to get away from the ballad, but enjoy entertainment in their own way.


The public can enjoy the rustic windsurf simulator of one of the main sailors of Brazil, as well as meet the greatest champions of history and also the best Brazilian peaks to stroll and develop the practice of the sport.To energize, a special double-dose energy boost.Live the energy of the sport!


Who does not like to see the sun rise on the beach?So Sundance Festival has prepared a special after for those who do not want the end of the party.A fisherman’s boat with a DJ booth, strategically docked on the edge of the beach to provide the most unforgettable after, with the most beautiful scenery – sun and sea!The idea is to dance in the sun and thank the magic of summer.Sundance!



During the afternoon, a sunset that only Bahia has!The Flower Power world lands at Sundance.Hippies and chics, tiaras and kombis fucks … No hurry, because freedom is priceless.A lot of energy!The music will surprise the guests, with a special mix of rhythms and sounds, headed by Nando Reis.


One of the most desired labels in Brazil, in a seaside version, in the middle of nature, in the south of Bahia.The concept of the label is to promote the best songs, the best productions, led by masters of e-music.And in this mood of Sundance, the pickpocket magician, Vintage Culture will make a special long set, ensuring a unique party!


A magical night!To get in 2017 on the right foot, a super premium party at the edge of the beach.Lots of positive energy, beautiful people and good music, with top DJs such as Pete Tha Zouk and Illusionize.Open bar scheme with imported vodka, whiskey, beer, juice, water and citrus.