Nubia Has The View in Europe and Mexico, Although to Spain Still You Touch Wait

Nubia It is a brand of phones that I probably sound to many but that probably have not had the opportunity yet try or see in stores. That will probably change soon, and Nubia has in plans to land in Spain soon.

Within the framework of the past MWC had the opportunity to chat with GAO Dakun, co-founder of the brand and Deputy Chairman. We got some of the keys of the manufacturer and its deployment in Spain, where we have a time with eyes like dishes with some of their phones.

Looking towards Europe and Mexico

And of course asked about deployment of Nubia in Spain, where we get few details. Nubia now has, a website with information on their products in Spanish, and that “will be a store online in the coming months”, without data very. Since it is where “European customers can buy devices Nubia directly”.

“Germany will go first, they are the most active market in Europe”

In other countries such as Sweden, Finland and Norway, Nubia is already sold through retailers, but its most immediate focus within Europe is the German market. “That will go first”, because they are “more active market in Europe” and there will be several channels of distribution.

“In our business model all parties benefit.”

Nubia has been developed land country-by-country, in principle a shop and more purely online distribution, although we will be adding partners ranging from operators to physical distributors. According to Dakun, in its “business model all parties benefit”, although to Spain it is expected yet, but with eyes on this 2016.

Nothing too concrete, although GAO Dakun said that “for 2016, Mexico will be the most important market in to expand, with a huge investment” where you plan to take the mini Z9.

Nubia, brand or manufacturer?

“They are two independent brands, only have investors in common”, this story sounds to us and has been repeating lately with some Chinese manufacturers. Huawei tried this same with Honor, although they have finally recognized that it is “two different products under the same umbrella”. But in this case it seems that we are in a situation similar to the Oppo and OnePlus, where there were also doubts that were two truly independent companies.

ZTE and Nubia “are two independent brands, only have investors in common”, says Nubia

The motivation of this strategy? Hard Asian manufacturers made with a brand reputed in the West, by what they see as option focus directly on one of them to foreign markets. In this case seems to, much less, Nubia maintained a close relationship with ZTE with joint events. Asked by the fact that Nubia as ‘independent’ manufacturer has its exhibition of devices at MWC in ZTE booth, the response was that with investors in common is a matter of resources which will give space between them.

It is to wait to see the real high end of Nubia in Europe

But whatever it is, the terminals under the brand name of Nubia are more than interesting. Will we see soon major as the Z9 Nubia? It seems that not. They are running the European deployment of the Z9 mini and mini Z11 in the coming months, and It seems that Spain stays out of this deployment at short notice.

The inescapable commitment to mobile photography

Cameras in mobile phones today are very important. Often they mean the decision or the discard of one mobile phone on the other with a better. Nubia knows this and takes center stage on its website a section dedicated to photography.

There “300 patents owned by only Nubia for the camera, which are leading 50”, He said Dakun just prior to teach in a Prague its system of “professional” approach, Neovision 5. When we focus on a Nubian, the usual box can be divided into two figures, one that marks the focus and other exposure. In this way we can expose in an area and focus to another very easily.

Another feature that we taught is the taking long-exposure photographs. “Up to 20 minutes of exposure, is the longest on a smartphone”, stating that you between between the rest only reach up to about 8 seconds.