Oklahoma Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of south-central USA, 181,186 km², 3,579,212 residents (2006 estimate), 20 residents/km², capital: Oklahoma City. Borders: Kansas (N), Missouri (NE), Arkansas (E), Texas (S, SW), New Mexico (W), Colorado (NW).

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State Overview

The horizontal lines prevail in the landscape, interrupted to the E by the paleozoic reliefs of the Boston and Ouachita mountains: the territory gradually rises from the 87 m of the south-eastern sector, which falls within the coastal plain washed by the Gulf of Mexico, to 1516 m of the Black Mesa, the highest mountain in Oklahoma, located at the northwestern end of the state. The main rivers are Arkansas, with the Neosho, Verdigris, Salt Fork, Cimarron and Canadian tributaries, and the Red River, which forms the southern border of the state, and to which the Washita and Kiamichi rivers pay. Numerous artificial lakes (Eufaula, Texoma, etc.), created by barring the course of some of the major rivers. The climate is subtropical, humid, with hot summers and mild winters; rainfall varies from 1200 mm per year in the eastern sector to 400 mm per year in the western sector. Economic resources are agriculture (wheat, cotton, sorghum, corn, peanuts), hindered by the phenomena of soil erosion, breeding (cattle, pigs, sheep), forest exploitation and especially that of the subsoil, rich in oil, natural gas, coal, copper and silver; the industries are active in the petrochemical, food, wood, mechanical, textile and graphic-publishing sectors. Major cities are, besides the capital, Tulsa, Norman, Lawton, Broken Arrow, Midwest City, Edmond and Enid.

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Originally part of Louisiana, it was initially inhabited exclusively by Indians, belonging to the so-called Five Nations, to which Congress in 1834 had reserved the territory. After 1870, pressure was exerted on Congress to authorize white settlements in the region, an authorization that was granted in 1889. Established in the Territory in 1890, it became State of the Union in 1907.

Below you will see top cities in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City

City ​​(472,221 residents in 1998; 1,026,657 residents the metropolitan area in 1996), and capital of the State of Oklahoma (USA), 300 km NNW of Dallas, 305 m on the North Canadian River. Located near rich oil fields, discovered in 1928, it is an important road and railway junction, a commercial center and home to the petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, mechanical, textile, food, electrotechnical, wood and graphic-publishing industries. International airport. The city also plays an important cultural role: the medical and legal institutions of the University of Oklahoma (founded in 1892; the rest of the faculties are in Norman).


City ​​(381,393 residents in 1998; 756,493 residents the metropolitan area in 1996) of the State of Oklahoma (USA), 130 km to ENE of Oklahoma City, to which it is connected by rail, 245 m on the left of the Arkansas River. Located near rich oil and natural gas fields, it is an important commercial center with petrochemical, metalworking, iron and steel, chemical and food industries. It is home to numerous oil companies and an international oil exhibition. University. Airport. Founded in 1879, it had great development starting in 1901, when oil fields were discovered.


City ​​(80,100 residents) of Oklahoma (USA), 25 km SSE of Oklahoma City, 350 m to the left of the Canadian River. Agricultural and livestock market, with food and textile industries, is home to the University of Oklahoma (1890).


City ​​(80,100 residents) of the State of Oklahoma (USA), 130 km SW of Oklahoma City, 340 m at the southeastern slopes of the Wichita Mountains. Agricultural (cereals, cotton) and livestock market with food, tanning, paper and cement industries; nearby, oil and natural gas fields and granite quarries. Airport.


City ​​(50,400 residents) of the State of Oklahoma (USA), 105 km NNW of Oklahoma City. Agricultural market with petrochemical and food industries. Phillips University is based there.

Okla. – Landlord and Tenant Act, Sections 101 to 136

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Oklahoma Tenant-Landlord Law

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