Omen’s Intense Cats Collection

We women have the power, with the help of makeup, to get out of very embarrassing situations. Just one  more detail in our look  to go from behaved to bold, discreet to enlightened – It is this cat leap that intrigues both men  that inspired the concept of the new collection of O Boticario, eye .

The line has 12 super affordable products ranging from lipstick and eyeliner to shade palette and strap pouch.The red packets with the details of kittens are able to take one’s  own from anyone!

I’m not good at describing smells, but I can tell you that this cologne has a super nice and feminine scent.

The palette that besides having 08 colors of shadows, being 4 of them neutral and 4 colored, also counts on a blush and an illuminator. I found it super complete and practical.

Also has duo eyeliner and a duo of eyeliner. On one side has black eyeliner and the other, purple. The same goes for the eye pencil that has classic black on one side and the other a super different green.

The handbag is the must in this collection and has a charm with these ears and lining of kittens. Comes with practical handle for ballad.

In addition to these products we receive, the collection also features a bath makeup, eyebrow pencil and a trio of cute blush.

The campaign of the line was also well elaborated and fun. The brand put interactive videos on social networks where we can follow stories of situations that surely many of us have already passed (or will still pass) and, with just one click, determine the end of this plot. Give the play!

All makeup products are already available in THENAILMYTHOLOGY. Prices range from $ 12.99 to $ 79.00 and many items have a special launch price.

So, what did you think of the line? What about the campaign? Leave a Reply