OnePlus Reveals Oxygen OS, Its New Android-Based Operating System

Yesterday we told you about the periodic table OnePlus had shown to refer to their upcoming new features. True to his style, the Chinese manufacturer was ambiguous so we eat us coconut, busquesemos possible meanings and, ultimately, we ayud√°semos them to feed the hype.

And in the new or mobile end or metal casing, the chosen table element has been oxygen, because this is how you will call its new Android-based ROM: Oxygen OS. In this way, OnePlus next devices will have a new ROM designed and controlled by them, and the promise that we find just bloatware, but a clean and customizable design.

Goodbye to CyanogenMod

Last summer I already had that in OnePlus did not seem too happy with the performance of CyanogenMod on your devices, and that it could be strengthening your team with the intention of create your own Android ROM, something that yesterday it was confirmed.

Bet on CyanogenMod instead of a ROM of Android itself helped him to the Chinese startup to hang the poster of the indies and committed to independent developers, but it seems that as soon as they have achieved something of renown have decided to remove this label and start playing on your own.

Knowing OnePlus, yet we still have several months of teasers, advertising and self-promotion until we can test your ROM and then can begin to assess the work of their developers and decide if the change in strategy has benefited them. For the time being, the next appointment we have on February 12, that is when they will begin to give their first details about Oxygen OS.