Orange Extends Stay of 24 Months to Terminals Outside The High-End

The main news of August as operators is not more than the momentary return of subsidies to new customers at Vodafone but Orange He has also made a small negative change in this aspect.

A from today the range of terminals that fall into the high end, not with a new very wide Orange mobile if not with others that were already in catalog, causing the extension of the commitment to stay on your purchase.

The LG Optimus L5, Motorola Motoluxe, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Lumia 710 Nokia, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V and Sony Xperia U go to the high range by what those who acquire them will have to sign a stay of 24 months instead of the previous 18.

This measure Orange tie to their customers for longer with a few terminals that most hardly say that she is high-end. For them also has to tell the only other large operator which subsidises the acquisition of terminals, Vodafone, requires 24 months permanence in all terminals.