Panasonic Eluga Test: Showtime

With the Eluga, Panasonic will return to the European stage. The first appearance is not viagra healthy, but promising.

Yet an Android Smartphone? It didn’t slow do we have enough? Wait, friends, because this newcomer has what it takes to attract the attention on a populated stage. His name? Panasonic Eluga. Its qualities? He is slim, handy, nimble, robust – and it looks good.

Here, Panasonic, what comes to mobile phones in Europe, had thrown the towel over five years ago. With Google’s Android operating system the electronics giant from the land of the rising sun sees good opportunities to get his piece of the giant European Smartphone pie.

Panasonic Eluga: Exceptional design

How they want to do that? With stand-alone models: Laurent Abadie, CEO of Panasonic Europe, missing on the market “Phones, which successfully combine design, sophisticated technology and amenities flatten the life”. So Panasonic has a full Smartphone built, which is above all one: an eye-catcher.

You can literally turn it and whichever way you look – the form factor of the Eluga is unique. The Smartphone is extremely flat, easy, not eight millimeters our caliper indicating something over 100 grams the scale. Who defines the value of the weight, must rethink the Panasonic Eluga, because the grab quality of the Fliegengewichts is high. Creaking or squeaking – absent, the processing is impeccable and very conscientious.

Panasonic Eluga: How a cast

The sturdy housing looks like a cast, even though it is composed and not made of a single piece of parts. All the components are exactly aligned and securely closed; There is no completely removable parts, such as a battery.

The battery is firmly fitted and not interchangeable for the uninitiated. Only on the front side, there are two separable, but anchored with a rubber nipple on the housing plastic caps, behind which hide the slot for the micro-SIM card and the micro-USB connector. In between is the Jack for headphones.

What are the Eluga at first glance not necessarily trusted: it is water and dust proof, certified in accordance with protection type IP57 – even if the phone while hiking accidentally falls into a puddle, it is not broken.

Panasonic Eluga: Class instead of mass

The case sides tapered sharply towards the rear are another optical highlight of the Panasonic Eluga. This Eluga is although very comfortable in the hand, but the thumb while pressing the volume and/off buttons will slip constantly. That’s no longer a problem but also initially annoying after a short settling time.

In addition, the model name Eluga is a derivative of “Elegant Design User Friendly Gateway”. Laurent Abadie eyeing Europe 1.5 million selling Panasonic smartphones in the first year, 2016 15 million should be worldwide. This is now not overly much about keeping the numbers of Apple in addition: almost 40 million iPhones over the counters have migrated alone in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Panasonic is therefore not on Earth, but on class: Eluga is the first model of a range of smartphones, with which the Japanese in Europe want to play a role in the high-end segment. And also the second model, which is technically a class higher quality Eluga power is already in the starting blocks.

Panasonic Eluga: Large display

What especially distinguishes the Panasonic Eluga, is the successful balancing act between widescreen and handy format. The Eluga is not much bigger than an iPhone, but at the same time has a much larger display, namely 4.3 compared with 3.5 inch. The display stretches far to the outside, almost the entire front is made up of display.

According to Panasonic, the screen takes up 66 per cent of the entire surface of the housing. Much space easy to surf the Web, to write messages, to play games or to look at photos and videos. OLED-display of the Panasonic Eluga 540 x 960 pixels represents resolution beautiful strong colors; the contrast is high, contents are clearly visible even at oblique angles. Just who exactly look looks fonts to fray a little bit – in everyday life that hardly stands out.

Also the touch screen makes his task very orderly and quickly respond to touch input. There are indeed faster smartphones, but overall the pace of work of the Panasonic Eluga is afloat. The dual-core processor working confidently: apps launch quickly, Web pages load fast and the camera is ready to go after just a second. The latter comes with an 8-megapixel lens motif hunting, brings but no photo light. Therefore noise recordings in less well-lit environment; on bright sunny days in turn succeed very nice photos.

Panasonic Eluga: to low memory

Against the trend, Panasonic has dispensed on a front-facing camera – and unfortunately also a memory card slot. The nominal 8 gigabytes of internal memory less than 6 GB available free – that is simply too little. Who often will download apps and want to take music, pictures and videos, with the Panasonic Eluga quickly reaches the limits.

Windows phone Smartphones have owed similar capacity problems to comply with Microsoft, the software giant offers free online storage on the hotel’s own SkyDrive users but at least 25 gigabytes. There is not a comparable solution for the Eluga.

Panasonic Eluga: no Blender despite weaknesses

Speaking of software: out-of-the-box Android 2.3 is installed with a slightly revised look. Panasonic has not changed that much, neither the surface nor the software package. This is but just as well: Android updates can adapt faster and provide; Android 4.0 is promised for the summer.

Especially liked the quick selection widget and the individually adjustable power have us. Which is also pretty important, because the run-time of Eluga is mixed. With heavy use, the battery is quickly empty.

Energy management as well as with the UMTS radio properties is still air above. For this, the sound on the phone is outstanding in transmission direction, but only tepid in the opposite direction. Why the speaker is not centrally placed? Good question! We do not know it.

Panasonic Eluga: Conclusion

Despite its small weaknesses, the Eluga is a great Smartphone. It shines though not with technical superlatives, stands out for it but visually and convinces with a large screen at the same time its slim design and handy format. However, clearly, the small, non-expandable memory is his Achilles heel.

All in all the first act of Panasonic’s comeback on the European stage is managed – and definitely worth seeing.