Pdled Participates in Event of Condos

The Friday Secovi River, which happened on days 13 and 14 September, received the PDLED team at the stand of the Union of Electrical industry, gas, Sanitary and plumbing of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SINDISTAL), which the company is a partner. The event, which was held at the Centro de Convenções SulAmérica, was consolidated as a reference in the sector since your first edition, offering “services, products and solutions to the market for condominiums”, how do you explain the site.

This year, the theme chosen was “Wonderful Condo”, in order to present as the changes that have occurred in the city of Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Rio Olympics affect the condos. However, the main focus of the event – sustainability. Were part of programming workshops, lectures and exhibitions targeted to liquidators and administrators.

Partnership with SINDISTAL

The SINDISTAL supports the liquidators and administrators of gated communities in the search for alternatives that have a low impact on the environment and, at the same time, be productive and economical. With this goal, the program management in energy efficiency (PG & E), which can be summed up in “doing more with less”. To learn more about the project, contact us:http://pdled.com.br/contato/

The PD LED believes that one of the most effective means to reduce this impact is implementing a sustainable lighting. The LED is known to benefit both the user’s pocket, with your efficiency, as the environment, low energy consumption. With the help of a consultant, you can make your condo a greener place. Meet our proposals for condominiums according to lightinghowto.com.