Petite Jolie Presents Collection Globall

The Petite Jolie, women’s footwear and accessories brand, believes that each person is formed by their experiences, travel and cultures. That way, the world is getting smaller and our neighbors are people from other countries, since we are more and more connected. In addition, the brand supports the influence of different regions and customs in the design of new products. Based on this idea was born the collection Globall, junction of Globalization and “ALL”, meaning “all”, bringing the will to innovate in a live product line mix of colours and materials.

The collection features interference from many styles. In this mixture appear more natural materials like Cork, even those who bring the idea of technology and modernity as GIF-with color change effect, besides leaving the play more fun. The strong and traditional shades of Petite Jolie are still present in some parts of the new line, but the palette that predominates are winter tones – more closed, dark and earthy. Jeans and metallic also remain strong in season.

The innovations developed for the collection follow the fashion trends that are in high season. The Skid is a construction of the Slide, with two different models and different prints to ensure comfort in casual day to day activities, providing a cool air in the productions.

The highlight will also for the Stripes, low soled shoe model that allows the same application. This product came from influence street style, can be found with suede applications on the bottom or on the top and on other models as tennis, all J Kitti-Lastic, a type of PVC-raw material exclusive of Petite Jolie.

The Weekend Bag came to please the women who like to travel and walk on weekends. Has the ideal size to hold a few pieces of clothing or even be used at the gym.

The Heart Bag is the darling of the collection. The unique design complete heart shaped any visual. Why not add some good humor in look of the day to day? Can be found in mini sizes.

To complement the collection, the Petite Jolie brings back on the street the Belt Bags, famous Fanny packs. The accessory that needs no introduction was fashion icon in years 80 and now returns to the redesigned lavishing practicality and style. Here at BerwickFashion you can get more information of the fashion trend. The compartment is removable, it can be used separately as a wallet or belt and are available in several colors.

The products of the collection will be available at major multi-brand Globall the country from April 2017.
On the Petite Jolie

The Petite Jolie is young at heart and old. It was created in 2009, with the goal of bringing more inspiration, color and joy to the lives of consumers, under a concept that represents well:”Bright Days are waiting”.

An optimistic brand that supports positive and hopeful attitudes and has among its fundamental features the versatility. Present in the daily life of its consumers always tries to create shoes that transmit the taste and the atmosphere in circulating the in love by products.

With strong participation in all social networks, the Petite Jolie excels in performance front to several brands of renown and importance on the world stage, both when it comes to engagement for new fans. In addition, part of the Douglas Group, a company with over 20 years of experience that focuses on providing comfort, quality and technical rigor to keep the success of brands. In addition, administrative center located in Rio Grande do Sul, the production happens in Ceará.

Among the products chart are sandals, sneakers, flats, heels, handbags and accessories, with the assumption that the true colors are your inspiration. The Petite Jolie believes that spectacular days await who is optimistic. And a shoe full of color and sympathy on the feet is like a smile on your face: lights up the day.