Practical Guide For Future Backpackers

“Traveling is brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and lose sight of everything familiar and comfortable of your friends and your home. You are all the time in imbalance. Nothing is yours except the most essential: the air, the hours of rest, the dreams, the sea, the sky; All those things that tend toward the eternal or towards what we imagine as such.”

1. Introduction

Mochil … what? The politically correct description defines the backpacker as a traveler, backpack on the shoulder, with a limited budget. But since, I admit, I am an insanable romantic, for me the backpacker is something more, it is the true essence of the traveler

The rules of the game are easy:

THE BACKPACK. A backpacker without a backpack is like starting a diet on a Friday, a cheescake without cheese, catching the elephant that swayed on a cobweb: Impossible!

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Your dream is to know the world but you are afraid of not getting it because your uncle is not Gilito? Welcome to the club! All backpackers have gone through this, but there is a secret: you cantravel without spending much. And there are also ways to earn a living and self- finance the trip.

Normally a backpacker unlike a tourist travels for long periods… weeks, months or years!! But it is not essential, you can be a backpacker for a weekend!

THE LOOK.Going with a backpack does not make you a real traveler, as campingship says. The difference will make your eyes. We must stop seeing the world as through a window, we must learn to look at it, to feel it. If the tourist is the one watching a movie, the backpacker is the one behind the camera, who narrates it and who feels everything that goes on without being limited to the moment of “chack action!”

Are You Ready To Know More About How To Travel Backpacker?


The family is the backpacker, but the species are the most varied: there is the technological globetrotter that never moves without updating the state of Facebook with his latest i-phone, neo hippy who believes in the strength of peace & love, the type Beach, the mountaineer that does not lower the 1000 meters, or the urbanite who prefers the jungle of asphalt. The solitary or the one that moves in herd surrounded by its kind… there are so many backpackers that it would be a mistake to catalog them all, but they always share some characteristics: backpack, little money and different look.

3. Grain Directions: The Budget

Let’s not turn it around. Knowing how much money we need to travel is the number one dilemma. How much does it cost to travel? If you move as a backpacker depends a lot on one thing: fate. In our 9 month adventure in Asia we have spent between eating, sleeping, moving, safe, visa an average of € 14 a day! Sure you can spend less, or more! It depends on how you fix them … There are always ways to save a little money, check out our articles on ” How to Save on Travel ” and ” Tricks to Save on Your Day to Day “. And you can always get some way to self- finance the trip.

4. Accommodation

Learn these acronyms: GH. The Guest House are hostels that offer cheap rooms or dormitories. Another option is to stay in Homestay, private houses that rent rooms at convenient prices. And if you do not want to spend anything but do not want to sleep under a bridge is the couchsurfing: an online community where you can find/offer a sofa/bed/floor to sleep. And best of all it is not saving the hostel money if you do not get in direct contact with local people!

5. Food

We know, Mom’s food is the best, no doubt. But out there is a world full of surprises and if you like to eat anddiscover new flavors, wait and see! In many countries you eat with € 1 in street stalls , and that’s good!!! Rice, noodles, curry and the most unusual dishes. And if you are traveling in Asia learn to say NOT SPICY in the local language: the taste buds of Asians we dream them!

6. Transportation

Bus, train, boat, plane? You know how many tricks of transportation there are: tuk tuk, rickshaw, jeepney, canoe, tandem, World War II motorcycle, horse car, unidentified flying object that if it catches the nasa puts it under state secret…. Never mind, the important thing is that it is the most economic! And remember that the most ecofriendly and FREE means of transport are your feet!

7. The Faithful Company: The Backpack

How to arm it ? That’s up to you! In our never missing passport (the best friend of the traveler!), Camera of photos, pareo multi-uses (it is the most versatile object of the world!), Notebook of travel, portable and mp3! Keep in mind that it is a backpack, not Mary Poppins bag, but above all remember that it will be you who will have to carry it day after day, not the other way around. If you travel in summer or in warm countries 10 kg are more than enough!Anyway, I always fit the mini hair straightener, backpacker yes, but with style! No, this better not say…

8. The True Luxury

When traveling as a backpacker you understand that the real luxury is not the 5 star hotel, if you do not lie under the stars. It is to walk barefoot on the grass, to improvise every day what you want to do, is to live an adventure where the person who writes the pages is you, where the days are not numbers and stop being Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday to become the The day I met a happy-happy monk , a giant lizard crossed my path, we stayed on a Thai mountain without gas … and many more! But the real luxury is to be boss not slave of the time.

9. Du Yu Spik Inglish?

To know English helps, that is clear. But we already know that the Italians (Rober is Italian honoris causa) we have a natural talent to communicate: we speak with the hands, and what speeches !! They understand us even in Burundi… the important thing is not to have a good accent, or to know a language to perfection, what the locals appreciate most is that we are interested in their culture, that we learn a few basic words: hello, Mmm very good, very expensive (with this they laugh fixed!), What’s your name, goodbye…  But ok, speak a little English is very important, look at some techniques to learn English in a fun way.

10. Yes You Can

Lao Tse said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. And  this first step is the most difficult: ” if I am not made to travel? And if the plane falls? And if the backpack falls on my foot and I break my little finger? And if … “ We have all passed through this phase, but traveling hundreds of people are known who have been afraid and thanks to that timid first step have been able to open their minds, eyes and heart, and have been able to live their dream. If yours is also traveling and know world that you know that Yes you can ! We do not know anyone who has regretted taking that step…

We hope that our practical  guide for future backpackers has liked you