Primark, Collection Spring-Summer 2011 with Some Opportunities

We continue with one of the most controversial collections where them their season Spring/summer 2011. Either by the quality of finish, by their cheap imitations (that is all about to the end and at the end) or good for the bad reputation that haunts the firm, Primark It has both admirers and detractors in all fields. While it is true that it is not a signature that we can blindly trust to fill our wardrobe, accessories at affordable prices Fund or the possibility of making us with some basic such as t-shirts and jerseys of peak stripes or the borsalinos for this new season and at a price more than reasonable, is sometimes tempting.

That is why from Mensencia and knowing that despite the pessimism of many readers, others buy in the signature but don’t do it regularly, we will discuss the collection for the season Spring-summer 2011 which, in its own way, get pretty well mimic the tendencies of last season on the catwalks.

The idea is clear, as we have seen: a casual look, with informal trends and in which the blue combined with basic as white or red get to stand above the rest. Therefore the stripes are still great allies. We avoid complicated cuts and let’s how easy: clothes that feel good with bright colors and possibly covering large pallet colour to give a feeling of vitality in the chosen outfit.

The neck in V and manufactured jerseys point are always a good choice: elastic, ideal to Jell in spring with t-shirts baking time or simple light colours and in a multitude of colors, dark tones and gray to be the most chosen by the ease of combination.

Another option is to bet by sport touches sweatshirts, much easier to combine and rather more neutral tones…

… and the lace finish with one of the indispensable complements of spring: the borsalinos. Pictures, black and white and with a variety of colors to be able to choose from.

The esparto shoes, following the line of the borsalinos and framed within the creative line navy in the collection (the largest appealed in the spring season as we are seeing) find them with tartan prints blue on white background and last of Esparto grass.

Another of the chosen outfits consists mainly of more classic clothing and a light touch nerd as a whole. The checked shirts and the Poles take on more importance, to the detriment of the accessories that only we can get chopped in the shoes or belts.

I’ll take two interesting proposals for the jackets and sweatshirts and seen repeated in other Low Cost as H & M, Zara or target signatures: on the one hand the trend high school especially in this kind of garment that recreate the designs of the teams of American football, rugby and baseball…

… or the pictures of strong and vivid colors, a trend that stepped forcefully last year and which has all the earmarks of returned intending to stay at least until well in advance of the summer. This latest venture by the Hood straps for power even more sport touch that boasts.

The footwear chosen is something more sober than the previous one navy-style slippers in white, blue and red to Jell with the rest of the model…

… and the producer of the collection in bright colors on dark backgrounds to put the finishing touch to the whole.

Finally a more classic than the previous style, in which are mixed both styles components although priority is given to shirts (frame and smooth but equally with multitude of chromatic variety) to Jell with Bermuda and a good nautical. As we have seen, just as the collection itself and complete is not worth much but certainly good thing we can get if we work on it individually and garment to garment.