Project Ara Opens Its Testing Phase, Although It Lost Its Head of Design

The future is now, a too common phrase but that the sea of good comes to us to start this article about Project Ara, or what is the same, modular phones that Google is preparing for several months.

He was not present at the central Conference Google I/O 2014, although it had already confirmed prior to the event that Project Ara team would be present at the second day conferences, where you might see at last fully functional phones.

As well, soon we had to wait for the project to take the next step, and the own Google has just reported on the opening of external development team testing phase, and is that the first 100 testers have already received their test units, completely free, modular Terminal Project Ara.

These testers have been chosen for their interest and active participation in the Ara Scouts, where more than 30,000 volunteers from 111 different countries have intervened.

This new phase of the development will last eight months, during which Project Ara testers can help with your experience to approach as close as possible to a final product You can reach the market soon.

The year 2015 will be so can where in particular expect important news around the modular phone and Project Ara but certainly we will have to wait a little more for such devices made its appearance in the market in an already commercial format.

Dan Makoski abandons the project and also Google

Despite the progress of the project, or perhaps motivated by the lateness of the same, the Chief Designer of Project Ara leaves; but not only the project, but it must give Makoski leaves Google to go to work at the Capital One Bank.

Dan has spent two years working as Chief Designer in the Group of advanced technology and projects of Google, ATAP, although it has not renewed its relationship with the search engine giant at the end of his contract. It has not transcended if you leave it for lack of agreement, lack of interest or because Google did not want to continue.

A strange decision leaving the work unfinished, and above all a project like Ara, where the design is essential to both components modules and the base of the device part, and where will surely give Makoski had contributed greatly.