Protocol For The Groom: How To Choose The Ideal Shirt

As much as it seems to you, not all shirts are good for your wedding. Do not know which shirt to choose for your wedding? We tell you what style and protocol tricks you should follow to find the ideal boyfriend shirt.

Until recently, the bride and groom were reputed not to be too involved in the preparations, much as they were allowed to choose the wedding songs for the party, to comment on the food in the menu test or if the text of the wedding invitations would be classic The modern one. But nowadays, the grooms have a fundamental role in the preparations, and many even accompany your fiancés to visit the best designers of wedding dresses to find the perfect dress. Your look is also important, do not forget, so if you opt for wearing  groom suits or other clothing or style, you must follow the protocol in dress. Learn how to correctly choose the shirt!

The shirt is that garment of your wardrobe that is harder to buy. Many men do not know what your size is, how it should look or if the shirt you have chosen suits you because it does not go small or in fact is that you have taken a large size and with it you feel comfortable. Whether it’s size, pattern, neck or sleeve, the reality is that many of the men who wear dress in their day to day wear the wrong shirt. Do not make mistakes on your wedding day and learn how to choose the ideal boyfriend shirt.

The Cut

The ideal shirt is one that fits perfectly to the body, is neither too wide nor too tight and allows you to move freely. The pattern of the shirt-regular fit, tailored fit,  custom fit or slim fit-will depend on the taste of the groom and always on the cut of the suit you are going to wear, that is to say , If the American is fitted, the shirt should be, and if this is classic, the shirt also, explains Silvia González of the store of groom dresses D’Novios.

However, the right pattern is one that includes a strap on the back, a vertical seam that fits the shirt properly to the body, which prevents it from pulling the fabric from the back when moving the arms to eat, salute or embrace, and time makes the shoulders and neck remainrigid.

The Tissue

The cotton is the fabric star to the boyfriend shirt because it is a tough textile fiber, very freshand allows the skin to perspire, reducing the feeling of warmth and the ability to sweat.However, make sure that it is not 100% cotton as it wrinkles easily and the groom’s look may look discolored. In this regard, it is recommended to opt for the blending fabric shirts such aspoplin, oxford or honeycomb.

Try to escape the silk shirts, are usually thinner and cause the skin of the torso to be transparent, and also flees from other fabrics such as yarn or polyester, are not appropriate to wear with a wedding gown.

The Color

Traditionally, whether with a suit, a jacket or a tuxedo, the color of the groom’s shirt is white.

However, today, many fiancés bet on the sky blue, light gray or beige, especially those who choose to wear jacket on the day of their wedding. In the same way, those who decide on modern suits or even in a tuxedo, choose shirts with striking colors or black to give their personal touch. Everything will depend on the chosen outfit but it should always go accordingto the style of the groom.

The Neck

The neck of the shirt should fit tightly to your neck without drowning but without a large gap between the front and back. One trick you can use to make sure you do not go wrong is to check that a single finger fits between the shirt and the skin.

A rule of protocol that the groom can not skip is that the neck can never wear buttons on the spikes because we would be before a sport shirt instead of a dress shirt.

As far as types of shirt collar is concerned, a wide range of models, shapes and fashions are open between which the groom can choose. They are currently wearing the open Italian collar- with very short short ends that touch the shirt-and the dove or bow tie-tall and rigid, with slightly open tips bent upwards; The latter is the only type of neck accepted by the tuxedo.

The Sleeve And The Fist

Another basic rule of the groom’s protocol is that the sleeve of the shirt should always be long, and it should stick 1.5 centimeters outside the sleeve of the jacket. He adds, too, that the fist should always be double to carry twins.

In addition, it reminds us that dress shirts are ironed without a stripe on the sleeve, so we can help a hose, and that in the double fist should not mark the line where it is folded to place the twins when ironing.

The Advice Of The Experts

The advice the experts give us from MustBuyShirts is to choose the shirt when you have already decided what suit you will wear, and when in doubt, decántate for a classic shirt that leaves theprotagonism to the complements, as the shirt must accompany, not eclipse.