Pyjamas women’s Miss and Chic Luxury For Diseno2

Pyjamas women’s Miss and Chic Luxury For Diseno2

We are obsessed by our image abroad but the more intimate image and private is what I like most care. I mean not only underwear but clothes night, Nightgowns, robes, and Pajamas that I use every night to go to sleep. For more than 15 years only buy these items in design 2. The most exclusive place of Madrid, a cult of elegance and good taste for clothes to wear at night when going to bed. I have long, short Nightgowns, each with her gown games, natural silk, lace, pajamas, long and short, with parts of the above suspenders, French sleeve or long-sleeve and each has their coverall game.

Pyjamas women's Miss and Chic Luxury For Diseno2

Colors? I recognize that light colors crazy but I also use the Brown and gray for winter (and even some blue) and different shades of Pink for summer (coral, salmon, powdered…). But all all of Design 2 .

And this summer season have an exclusive that tell you. I have designed a Special collection of Miss Chic for design 2 and that makes me very excited to share with you all. Two different models which I’m sure will give to speak. It’s a short Nightgown in pink powder coating, with white lace and a French sleeve ruffled gown. On the other hand, a Pajama in coral color spectacular, long pants and top straps that comes complete with a jacket sleeve game long which also serves to cover you when you use top straps. Just go on sale and is already a success. First by the originality of the two models, the quality of its fabrics, exclusive so super tones as favoring, for prices that are so tight that they have, and because you can buy both in the showroom in the central street Castello de Madrid as through mail.

With Esther Palacios attached me many things, but above all I can say that both she and her mother are two people who most understand nighties and dresses not only Madrid but Spain. In addition to understanding and living passionately that it already engaged, both have exquisite taste and a “savoir faire” incredible. They know fabrics and how a socket can gather or the height of a Nightgown can make you feel extremely sexy. I have bought them Nightgowns, pajamas, robes in all the stages of my life and I have a collection for more than 15 years that is worthy of a museum. I like to combine the outfits every night at home and not to repeat the same every day. I like to fix me more when I go to bed than when I get up every morning. I believe that it is essential and makes me feel good.

When one lies arranged (is not opposite of uncomfortable but quite the opposite) in some wonderful linens Bassols, better rests. Design 2 How to innovate and evolve each season attracts me. Highlight their wonderful wool coats with eights both for adults and for children who are a real luxury, or long velvet for a special night, sets of newly married or pregnant, and Nightgowns sexy market. They have own workshop, Esther and her mother designed, buy fabrics in Italy and made in his workshop in Madrid. I know it sold in all Spain and that increasingly are interested for their exclusive designs beyond our borders and is why what seems to me a real luxury you have thought me so design them this summer collection Miss and Chic design 2 so special. I if you would booking the model that you like to be able to include it in your suitcase during your vacation… I have no doubt that you succeed!

2 design lingerie is a Spanish company specialized in high lingerie that has more than 35 years creating a luxurious line of Nightgowns, pajamas, bed jumping, Mañanitas and robes, all models created handcrafted and entirely in Spain. This brand was born from the hand of Esther Alonso, former model of Balenciaga that manages to occupy a prominent place in the sector, mainly because of the impeccable quality and design of their products since its inception. Design 2 takes place two temporary collections that follow the fashion trends at the same time that maintains its timeless and classic models, according to ruizesolar.

Design 2 collections They are distributed to the best lingerie store in the country, in its store of Madrid in Castello 19, mezzanine, currently under the management of his daughter Esther Palacios.

I want to give the prices of my designs. The satin is of very good quality like lace cotton and clothing:

Dusty pink satin Miss nightdress 76 euros

Coverall Chic satin pink dusty 95 euros

Coral satin Pajama 79 euros

Coral satin jacket 79 euros

They can be ordered in any size (36-50).