Qualcomm Could Be Done with a Piece of The Cake Which Has Become BlackBerry

Several sources of the The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) They claim that Qualcomm, firm specializing in investment Cerberus Capital Management LP, and two of the founders of BlackBerry, Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin, might be studying how to ally themselves to take over control of the company.

But, to achieve this, they will have to be imposed on Fairfax Financial Holdings, a Canadian firm of financial services that also seems to be trying to get the funding needed to put on the table a tasty offer. Even Lenovo could be a candidate «Peel hard».

Meanwhile, the value of BlackBerry continues to fall, and this picture does not seem to change in the short term, not at least until any groups interested in its acquisition of control of the company and get to stop the ‘sangria’.

A very firm commitment

Unlike BlackBerry, Qualcomm is doing great. As you know, the San Diego-based firm is currently the largest manufacturer of chips for smartphones in the world. In fact, not supplied only the Snapdragon microprocessor that govern much of the terminals that we purchase today in the market, but also the chips of communications that allow us to access the networks of mobile telephony, among other solutions. And this is not all. Also has licensed many patents to other manufacturers, giving you huge profits.

According to the WSJ, Qualcomm has a case of no less than $ 11,500 million, so has the capital necessary to position itself as an imposing Diner in the sharing of the cake which has become BlackBerry. However, other factors that significantly complicate this decision come into play. Would you accept some large customers of this company, like Apple, Samsung and Sony, that Qualcomm participates in a firm specializing in the manufacture of smartphones? Without a doubt, this decision could cause tensions between them. Probably soon we will leave doubts.