Question: Short Of A Manolo T-Shirt?

I love t-shirts and want them to sit comfortably. I am tall and slim and medium usually look best, but they are often too long and goes way over the belt (which of course would show up). There is no easy way for a total of sewing machine-dyslexiker that short of a t-shirt?

Sizes are always a scourge, because there isn’t really any given standard for how big a certain size should be called, for example, medium or large. Generally you can say that it happens a lot on the length of the t-shirts when comparing two adjacent sizes.

You write that media usually look best, but I was wondering if you are still not going to give you at small sizes, just because of the length. Many do not dare to really buy the Pack which runs away to and emphasize too much, but is it narrow built, I see no fault in it.

Certainly, it is not a difficult game to give on a t-shirt with a sewing machine, but all is not equipped with such and hand sewing is not a sensible option.

The clothes may shrink in the wash is something we are all familiar with in one way or another. Something that might be worth noting is that the fabrics of natural fibres has a greater tendency to shrink than those of synthetic fibres. Stay eager to shirts with high percentage of cotton in and let them go at slightly higher temperature than washing the Council the first time you wash them. Please test this on a cheaper sweater to begin with so you will learn soon how the garment will behave in the wash.

Keep in mind that the current law does not apply if you have not followed the washing instructions on the garment.