Rain Tours: What to Do to Distract the Pet?

Posted by Dog citizen in June 17, 2016-

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The ride is one of the activities that the more like pets. The various Visual stimuli, olfactory and physicists make the time of ride a moment of fun. Smells different, the opportunity to find new furry friends and interact with children and other people causes the animal your wait eagerly for this activity.

“Tours and activities are indispensable for animal welfare”, explains the student of Citizen Dog, Glaucia Akiko. “The tours help control weight and keep the muscles and healthy joints”, he adds.

The problem is that with low temperature and rainfall, the walks become less frequent, leaving the pet bored and filled with power to spare. But, what to do in the House so that the pet be distracted?

“Play ball, catch, hide snacks and dog toys around the House and encourage the furry sniffing are great physical and mental activities, supplying the need for walks on the street on a rainy day”, suggests the tamers. “Teach and practice obedience commands, offer interactive recheáveis toys that encourage the pet to learn to take the snack or the feed from within them, improvise agility obstacles with furniture and bottles, leaving some toys reserved to give only on wet days are other tips.”

On top of this, there is also the option to take him for a walk if the rain is warm. In these cases, some care must be taken to keep the welfare of your dog (and your) during and after the tour. It is necessary to take into consideration that some animals like to get wet and others do not support see water around (it is possible to measure it for the bath).

“If the pet take a shower of rain, remember to dry it very well as soon as I get home, to prevent it from getting sick,” Gambo guides. “If the pet usually present problems of skin and ear infections frequently, it is better not to risk it,” advises the student.

Ask a veterinarian in such cases is very important because it can offer useful guidance to help you decide if you should take your pet for a walk in the rain or not.