Review ARTDECO Ceramic Nail Lacquer in the Color of 294

This ceramic nail lacquer by ARTDECO was in my GlossyBox beauty February 2012. A golden hue with extremely many shimmer particles in gold, silver, and pink is the color of 294. The nail polish should especially hold according to GlossyBox and provide radiant brilliance for beautiful and manicured nails.

A normal brush with elongated shape is included, which allows a simple mission. The paint is in mint condition quite liquid, so the brush Strip please well prior to the order. The first layer was already somewhat opaque, but still slightly unevenly. In addition, single glitter particles were to see. Not so well liked. So I put on a second layer and it covers very well. With the second layer, the lacquer on the nails looks pretty much exactly as in the bottle. The mica is now so finely distributed, that single particles no longer look out according to estaterealest.

The color looks a bit festive. I find suitable for the evening to go out or a festive occasion. In the winter it is during the day too much. In the summer you’re going me during the day to a white look. The gold tone refreshes very nice light-colored clothes.


The “radiant brilliance for beautiful and manicured nails” I can not confirm – particularly long-lasting unfortunately. I have applied the paint Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon he looked so that I no longer wanted to go to a customer. The high proportion of the glitter has the advantage that scratches at the front edges and smaller not so conspicuous Katscher as in solid color coatings without glitter. It some corners in the nails have been however after just 2 days already out gekatscht. I didn’t like it then don’t. OK – I was not careful, should be also a test – but 3-4 days the paint already on your nails should keep, if he promises extra long durability.

Small drawback: not so good again goes off the paint, because my nail polish remover by ebelin (which easily removes even darkest, thickest layers) comes through not so good through the layer of glitter, to solve the actual paint. The MICA was trailing then first time quite on the fingers spread, had itself but removed quite well with SOAP.

I find the price EUR 7.50 reasonable, because the color is really radiantly beautiful. For the GlossyBox , I find the nail polish a successful product because the color trend and stylish.
The product in this post were provided cost and unconditionally me by GlossyBox or the competent public relations firm. Thank you very much! The post reflect my honest, free and subjective opinion.