Rhode Island Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the Northeastern USA, 3140 km², 1,067,610 residents (2006 estimate), 340 residents/km², capital: Providence. Borders: Massachusetts (N, E), Atlantic ocean (S), Connecticut (W).

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State Overview

Federated state of New England, the least extensive in the Union but the second in population density. In the western and central sectors, the territory is slightly wavy and rich in glacial lake basins; in the eastern sector, however, it is entirely affected by the bay of Narragansett, which is divided into smaller coves and is home to various islands, including Rhode Island, connected to the mainland by two road bridges. The climate is continental, but rather humid with rainfall around 1000 mm per year; the winters are cold and the summers cool (average temperatures in Providence: in January -2 ºC, in July 22 ºC). The main economic resources are agriculture (cereals, vegetables, fruit), cattle and poultry farming, fishing and above all industry, active in the textile, engineering, chemical, food, rubber and silver processing. Important cities, besides the capital, are Pawtucket, Warwick, Cranston, Woonsocket, East Providence and Newport.

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Formed as a colony in 1647 by the merger of the colonies of Providence, Portsmouth and Newport, in 1663 it obtained a charter from King Charles II that guaranteed religious freedom. During the revolution he played a very active role. Once independence was achieved, Rhode Island followed a policy of defending the rights of small states, often taking a stance against dominant trends (in tariff matters, on the occasion of the war of 1812 and the Mexican one). Predominantly agricultural in a region dominated by industrial interests, it was the scene of a particularly heated political struggle which, in 1840, resulted in a revolt (war of Dorr) soon tamed. It was the only state in the Union to vote against the prohibition law in 1919.

Below you will see top cities in Rhode Island.

Newport (Rhode Island)

City ​​(28,200 residents) of the State of Rhode Island (USA), 40 km SSE of Providence. Commercial and fishing port on the bay of Narragansett (Atlantic Ocean), it is home to shipbuilding, electronics and rubber industries. Airport. Summer tourism.

East Providence

City ​​(51,000 residents) of the State of Rhode Island (USA), an eastern suburb of Providence, on the left of the Seekonk River. Chemical, petrochemical, shipbuilding, food and textile industries.


City ​​(43,900 residents) of the State of Rhode Island (USA), on the Blackstone River, 20 km NW of Providence. It is an industrial center, with chemical, electronic, cotton and wool complexes.


City ​​(72,000 residents) of the State of Rhode Island (USA), a southwestern suburb of Providence, on the Pawtuxet River. Textile, mechanical, chemical, rubber and paper industries.

Warwick (USA)

City ​​(85,400 residents) of the State of Rhode Island (USA), on the southern outskirts of Providence, 110 m on the western shore of Narragansett Bay. Textile and metalworking industries.


City ​​(72,600 residents) of the State of Rhode Island (USA), 10 km NNE of Providence, on the border with Massachusetts, on the Blackstone River. Textile (cotton), mechanical, electrical engineering, food, paper, rubber, wood and glass industries. Airport.


City ​​(150,890 residents in 1998; 1,124,044 residents the metropolitan area in 1996) and capital of the State of Rhode Island (USA), 60 km SW of Boston, at the northern end of Narragansett Bay. Railway hub and active commercial and fishing port, it is home to mechanical, textile, petrochemical, food, paper, rubber, plastics and precious stone processing industries. Brown University (1764). Airport.

R.I. – Chapter 34-18

Survey the text of the state’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Act to glean an understanding of the lessor-lessee relationship outlined by law.

Website: http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/Statutes/TITLE34/34-18.HT

R.I. – Rental Housing Information

Contributes links to such resources as associations, statutes, news updates and inspections programs. Browse the nutshell law summary.

Website: http://cses.com/RENTAL/Rhode%20Island.htm

R.I. – Resources for Renters

Focus of this resource network is landlord-tenant law and info in Rhode Island. Review entry descriptions, and visit their links.

Website: http://directory.tenantsunion.org/rhode_island.html

R.I. – Rhode Island Landlord-Tenant Law

Receive an introduction to the basics of this state regulation, and link to text of the relevant chapters of the statute. Shows contract forms.

Website: http://cses.com/rental/_data/rhode-island.htm

R.I. – The Rhode Island Landlord-Tenant Handbook

State’s Department of Administration compiled and displays this manual delineating R.I. leasing laws. In Microsoft Word and Adobe .pdf formats.

Website: http://www.planning.state.ri.us/landlord/

Rhode Island Tenant-Landlord Law

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