Samsung Galaxy Beam 2, Detailed Information about The New Samsung Android

The first Samsung Galaxy Beam was presented at the Mobile World Congress 2012 accompanied by her room in the dark and all the paraphernalia needed to teach an experiment that, at a minimum, was then a curious thing, a mobile phone with integrated picoproyector.

Terminal went unnoticed by the market, because its uses are very limited and your hardware nor invited to try taking the picoproyector as an extra. However, Samsung did not want to abandon the project, and has just introduced in China to the Samsung Galaxy Beam 2.

Samsung refuses to abandon his experiments, and a mobile with picoproyector as unique as this could not miss the Korean catalogue.

We have a device which, as we have said, to fill a gap of almost unlikely market, with specific needs and specific applications, with which we have a smartphone that never pretend to sell too.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 is a basic phone with built-in Pocket projector, and even if your hardware has improved with respect to the first generation, happens to be a terminal of input range that some will find attractive applications.

Account with a chipset for quad-core 1.2 GHz that will give life to Android 4.4.2 KitKat on a screen of 4.66 inches and resolution 800 x 400 pixels.

Available RAM is 1 GB, and the terminal has full connectivity to HSPA + and 2600 mAh battery in his characteristic construction of 165 grams.

As for its features star, we only know that the projector does not have a very high brightness, so you will need the room is quite dark to display the images correctly.

Samsung Galaxy Beam 2, availability and prices

This curious device It has already been launched in China Thanks to the operator China Mobile, and although the first generation if sold for our markets, we have no information if Samsung will market the Galaxy Beam 2 in Europe or not.

What is clear is that it will be a surely affordable terminal, and for something so specific It is likely not arrive at our borders.