Samsung Galaxy Mini S5, Has Thus Evolved Range Galaxy Mini S

Smartphones with designation of high-end and surname “mini” are here to stay, although we don’t yet have very clear what you want to play the different manufacturers with its “mini” terminals.

The next to join the cart will be the Samsung Galaxy mini S5, today presented with design and nomenclature of the noblest range of Samsung, but with a list of specifications too limited to speak of a high range of reduced size.

That Yes, we cannot deny that the Galaxy S Samsung mini range is growing over time, and that This mini S5 is closer than expected for a terminal that inherits denomination of the standard-bearer of 2014 in the catalog Samsung, greatly improving its predecessors in the minimized version of the Galaxy S’s shift manager.

So has grown the Galaxy S mini range

Galaxy mini S5 Galaxy S4 mini Galaxy mini S3
Dimensions 131.1 x 9.1 x 64.8 mm 124.6 x 61.3 x 8.94 mm 121.5 x 63 x 9.9 mm
Weight 120 g 107 g 120 g
Screen 4.5 “Super AMOLED
HD (1.280 x 720) 326ppi
4.3 ” super Amoled
qHD (960 x 540) 256ppi
4.0 “Super AMOLED
WVGA (800 x 480) 233ppi
Processor QuadCore Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 or Samsung Exynos 3470? 1.4 GHz DualCore Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.7 DualCore ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8420 1.0 GHz
GPU Adreno 306? Adreno 305 Mali 400
RAM memory 1.5 GB 1.5 GB 1GB
Storage 16 GB
microSD up to 64GB
8 GB
microSD up to 64GB
8 / 16 GB
microSD up to 32GB
Camera 8 MP, LED Flash, Video Full HD 8 MP, LED Flash, Video Full HD 5 MP, LED Flash, HD Video
Front camera 2.1 MP, Video Full HD 1.9 MP VGA (640 x 480)
Connectivity LTE, A-GPS, Glonass, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, NFC LTE, A-GPA, Glonass, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, NFC HSDPA, A-GPS, Glonass, 4G, Bluetooth 4.0 Wifi, DLNA, NFC, FM Radio
Ports MicroUSB MHL, jack 3.5 mm, IR MicroUSB MHL, jack 3.5 mm, IR MHL MicroUSB, 3.5 mm jack
Battery 2100 mAh, removable 1900 mAh, removable 1500 mAh, removable
So Android 4.4 Android 4.2.2 Android 4.1.2
Other specifications Fingerprint, heart rate, certified IP67 sensor.

Samsung maintains evolution, but no revolution

We have already discussed at the beginning of the article, and it is that we have no very clear what you’re looking for each manufacturer with a “mini” terminal. We understand that this type of devices they should keep high-end specifications by reducing its size, Interestingly a practically abandoned market niche and that only Sony explodes with its Compact. Or that, or a terminal of identical size that justifies the “mini” with reduced specifications to adjust its price.

Samsung does not seek neither one thing nor the other, diagonal screen and thereby reduce the size of the device, but it also reduces benefits to let us with a terminal of more mid-range with naming and design of the most noble range.

The Korean giant like put the leg into each hole in the market, but still has not seen him taste to release a device with pointer hardware and content size, every time that he has been seeing as growing sales of its successful experiment Galaxy Note, that he ended up commanding a new market like the one of the phablets.

As well, one year We will see the mini S5 Galaxy Evolution, but not the expected revolution to look more like the concept that most have a “mini” high end, and it seems that only Sony has wanted to implement.

An attractive limited by its lack of definition

The Samsung Galaxy mini S5 will compete among the mid-range to be done with a good number of sales between users seeking price terminals medium and offset specifications, success for which a path walked media name already exists thanks its.

However, the main problem lies in its lack of definition, and it is that with these specifications, you should expect with a very attractive price so that means users appreciate it as an option, thing that it will surely not it will occur at least at first.

We are not looking at a high-end device, and who look for a high range of price already there will be fixed in the S4 Galaxy, available at prices below 400 euros. Furthermore, whoever seeks a mid-range terminal surely will be some willing to reach prices around the above 400 EUR, value about which will be around this mini S5 Galaxy at its launch.

However, We do not desmerecemos an evolution that will add much value to the bet In addition to the hardware upgrade: resistance to water and dust, the heart rate monitor for health functions and a fingerprint reader that Samsung wants to standardize as gateway to the market business that raw material security.

And to you, What feeling leave you the new Samsung Galaxy mini S5?