Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy SIII Receive Their Ration of Unofficial Lollipop

Samsung Galaxy S, there where you can see him, is a terminal that came out in 2010. Two years later, we met the third generation of this family. Neither is supported by the Koreans and long ago ceased to receive updates. It will not do so in the future, but fortunately the community does not forget them.

Last week we saw how Google launched version 5.1 of Lollipop. While we hope to start to deploy (first go with 5.0) the cooks already released their ROMs with the latest Android and two of the first beneficiaries are somewhat atypical: the original Samsung Galaxy S and the SIII.

To date, an unofficial

Behind these updates we are small cooks who have caught the Omni ROM and have adapted it to work on the two devices from Samsung. It’s versions in development, the first Galaxy S is stable but the SIII still has much work ahead.

Both ROMs they have barely visible customizations. In fact, the most substantial changes are those who will not see, as the kernel to make Lollipop properly in hardware that no mistake, already has a few years on.

Failures that are small, but they are there: tethering cannot be made, the video codec does not work well, in the case of the SIII must be careful with the version that install of TWRP. If you are going to install it, well read the small print because even small details, it is important to take them into account.

To install the process is the same as with other ROMs. We will have to make root, install a system of recovery in our mobile and Flash the ROM. Google applications, as it is becoming customary, be flashed then. Remember: it is not at all stable version, think about it before doing so.