Samsung Says That the Future Has Arrived with the Clock Gear

Samsung released a video last weekend showing all the highlights of the new Galaxy Gear, the intelligent clock company. According to her, the unit is one of the biggest innovations of our time, which indicates that the future as imagined in yet.

The mark used as references classic series like Star Trek, Predator, in addition to hits of pop culture as Power Rangers and Dick Tracy. All these products used watches or “communicators”. However, despite all the focus on your own product, the Gear was not well received.

David Pogue, one of the most respected names in technology news said in the New York Times that no one should buy this watch. The TudoCelular website said that Samsung made a great campaign for a product anything great. The TheVerge said the Korean company made your best commercial for your product worse.

For what showed up to now, the Galaxy Gear didn’t bring anything much different than other smart watches have already shown. The main criticism is your dependence on a smartphone to be able to perform several functions.

The appliance has 1.6-inch display with 320 × 320 pixels, camera shooting at up to 1.9 megapixel, 800 MHz processor, 521 MB RAM and 4 GB of storage space. He arrived in Brazil this Saturday (5) along with the Galaxy Note 3.

The Galaxy Gear costs R $1300. The Galaxy already Note 3 comes out R $2900. On some carriers, like TIM, the watch comes off as “toast” in the purchase of the Note, with prices varying according to the plan. See below the videos.