Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook in the Practice Test

With many interfaces and large-memory, the Samsung Ultrabook is a good choice for all, functionality is important.

The first Ultrabook compliant notebook by Samsung can reach with its plastic casing externally to the 900X1B made of aluminium. The i3 processor, however, lies outside the specifications defined by Intel for the device class. Whether the various color shades deserves to be called “fine silver” chosen by the manufacturer, everyone must decide for themselves. Inside it presents itself with a metallic sheen on – / off switch and the wafer-thin touch pad mount it something pilfered. Here, it is evident from its practical side: the LED screen at 13.3 inches in the normal range enclosed cd / m² and 1366 x 768 pixels with a brightness of 287 is anti-reflective, which makes the seating outdoors or in bright rooms.

We miss a keyboard lighting for work in low light. Blind writers can go freely, the arrow buttons are noticeably separated despite the small size. With the intuitive double occupancy for scrolling and start and finish with the FN button, it works almost better than with the private keys of a normal PC keyboard. No own presser was bought from the Windows context menu, here fills the right control key. The touchpad is deactivated via the multiple assignment of the button bar. Press the function key for the Wi-FI connectivity, which dominated the Samsung in the usual standards, Mai to its setting window – the rapid deactivation / activation of the wireless adapter would be streamlined. Alternatively is the Samsung an Gigabit LAN adapters on the local network.

Has the manufacturer for the low height can be something special and the interface foldout realized – a smart idea that I hope goes to school. Bluetooth 3.0 is also a USB 3.0 – connector that supplies power even when device is off available. The two USB 2.0 ports sit side by side on the opposite side – useful when you want to provide an external USB 2.0 hard drive second USB port with optional power supply.

In addition to full format HDMI and a headset port , a 4-in-1 card reader is integrated. The cards sticking out but laterally from the device – impractical for transport. A proprietary connection for the supplied RGB adapter completes the connectivity options.

In addition to the 16 gigabyte large express cache that ensures the Ultrabook typical fast startup times, the Samsung has a 500 GB large hard drive, which among other things Windows Home Premium is installed. For application data, nearly 240 plus 185 GB remain in two logical drives. Our test device with Intel i5 processor had 4 GB of main memory, expandable to up to 8. A model with 8 GB RAM and i7 is available for 1149 euro.



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