Seychelles Wildlife and Foods

Animals and Plants

Diversity of the flora and fauna

The diversity of nature in the Seychelles is great. This applies to both flora and fauna alike. By the way, half of the country is under nature protection, which is also a special feature of the country. Since the Seychelles have almost no raw materials, the country’s treasures are a fascinating nature that the inhabitants of the islands want to preserve and protect. And so tourists can enjoy being part of this unique nature. Many animals and plants are endemic to the Seychelles, they only exist there.

Giant turtles

The Seychelles giant tortoises are very special animals. There were once three types of them, but two are now extinct. Is still very much alive, fortunately the third type, the Aldabra – giant tortoise. It is the largest turtle in all of Africa. And she actually only lives in the Seychelles. If it can be found elsewhere, it is only because people introduced it there. It originally comes from the Aldabra Atolls, which are part of the uninhabited “Outer Seychelles”. In the meantime, attempts are also being made to settle them on other islands in the Seychelles. Otherwise, giant turtles can only be found on the Galápagos Islands.

In the following photos you can see other animals that only live in the Seychelles:

Giant tortoise

The Seychelles giant tortoise can weigh up to 250 kilos and have a shell length of 120 centimeters. The females are a bit smaller than the males and also lighter. The giant tortoise can live to be very old, up to 120 years. But there are even older copies. It feeds on grasses and herbs, but also on flowers and fruits. It needs very little water and can survive on the water in the food.

Other endemic animal species of the Seychelles

Other endemic species include the Seychelles tree frog, the Seychelles fruit bat, the white nudibranch and the Seychelles Vasa parrot, which is also the country’s national bird. The whole bird world of the Seychelles is unique, the black parrot is one of the special animals. Otherwise you will only find this type of bird in zoos and animal parks. In the Seychelles you can still watch him in the wild. There are also many other animal species.

Fascinating underwater world of the Seychelles

The underwater world is also very diverse in the Seychelles. In the coral banks of the islands there are a large number of marine animals to be discovered such as clown fish, rays, parrot fish and box fish. Many divers come to the island world to experience this underwater world up close.

Unique plants

You will also find species of plants in the Seychelles that are only found here. These plants include a screw tree called Balfour’s screw tree or Erythroxylum Sechellarum, as well as the nasturtium.

A species of palm called Millionaire’s Salad is also endemic. The hearts of these palm trees were a delicacy that only rich people could afford, hence the name. Since the processing of the palm heart also meant the death of the palm, sales in the Seychelles were stopped and banned. This is why the populations of this plant species have now been able to recover.

The Seychelles palm

The Seychelles palm also only grows in the Seychelles and only in a few places there. It is mainly found on the island of Praslin and there in the Vallée de Mai National Park. It is one of the rarest palm species in the world. It is also known as Coco de Mer. They probably existed a long time before humanity evolved. Their dimensions are gigantic.

The Seychelles palm

This palm is a fan palm with very large compartments that can be up to three meters wide. The leaf height reaches almost five meters. These fans grow on very stable leaf styles. The trunk can grow to a height of 30 meters. There are female and male palms. The female ones are a bit smaller because they also carry the weight of the palm fruits. The trunk is not as flexible as the trunk of other palm species that are often found on the coast. That is why the Seychelles palm is more likely to be found in regions protected from the wind in the forest. The fascinating thing about it is its fruit, because the nut of the Seychelles palm is the largest seed in the world and can weigh up to 25 kilograms.

Seychelles Animals

Eating in Seychelles

What do you eat in the Seychelles?

The Creole cuisine in the Seychelles is a special kitchen, for in it African, Indian, British and French influences combine. As can be assumed on an island, fish is not a luxury item in the Seychelles, but is often on the table. However, the method of preparation often differs from ours, as the fish likes to be seasoned sweet. Vanilla, cinnamon or cloves are just as much spices as turmeric, garlic, ginger, cardamom or nutmeg, which also accompany the fish. For more articles on Seychelles and Africa, please visit ehealthfacts.

The curries come from India. Here, chopped vegetables are cooked and seasoned with a curry mixture. The result is a vegetable curry that is available everywhere in the Seychelles. Fish also serve as the basis for the curries. If a curry turns out to be too hot, just add a little coconut milk.

When it comes to fish, locals tend to go for cheaper fish. Fish is fried, baked, boiled or marinated, or as a soup. In the expensive hotels in the Seychelles there is almost everything to eat. Bonito is a fish that is affordable for the Seychellois too. Rice or cassava, a root vegetable, is usually served as a side dish. The samosas from IndiaYou can buy dumplings filled with potatoes, meat or fish everywhere in the markets.

You can also buy fruits such as bananas, passion fruits, papayas or oranges in the market. And of course the coconuts, whose meat, but also their liquid content, is eaten with pleasure.

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