Sharp 812SH with 20 Colors to Choose from

Sharp He has presented the 812SH as shown in the image in a range of 20 colours PANTONE. Best thing about this is that if phone anyone is interested you can choose your favorite color from the beginning no waiting or disappointments when you see that the mobile phone that you purchased appears in a color that you like more than yours, we know that it is more common to go leaking a new color from time to time.

Colors aside, still waiting for that Sharp pull out something new, because the 812SH features are falling a little behind, more in the case of a Japanese mobile. It is a 3G with 2.4 ” screen, 240 x 320 pixels of resolution and 260.000 colours. The external display has 0.8 “and technology OLED. Camera 2 megapixels with video recording and slot microSD up to 1 GB expandable memory.

Its measurements are 49 × 97 × 17.6 mm It will be available in Japan in February. Then the model in white.