Sharp Starts to Export Solar Phones Outside Japan

In Japan tend us to envy with its exquisite design and with such useful features as the solar panels or submersible mobile, but it is possible that we do not take much to have the opportunity to enjoy them.

Sharp, one of the major Japanese manufacturers, has announced that this February will sell in China the Solar Hybrid SH6230C and two more than instead of solar panel models have secondary displays Memory LCD – low-consumption, at the same time that do not rule out introducing mobile sites in all markets.

We know that the Solar Hybrid SH6230C, aside from the solar panel, it has a 2.9 inch display and a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and will be available in white and blue.

What would be interesting is to know the performance of the solar panel and the time of exposure you need to give us a few extra minutes of battery. Hopefully that they will not take much to get this or other similar mobile and we can enjoy this technology soon well in our pockets.