Sights of Rwanda

According to itypeusa, the most important attractions of the country are the three largest national parks: Akagera (Parc National de L’Akagera), Volcanoes National Park (Parc National des Volcans, PNV) and Nyungwe (Parc Natoinal de Nyungwe). Volcanoes National Park (125 km2), located in the northwestern part of the country, is a truly unique place. Most tourists come to Rwanda just to visit this reserve. It is also called the mountain gorilla park, as the rarest species of African black mountain gorillas lives here. There are hardly more than 650 such individuals all over the world, and almost half of them live in this park. Park workers carefully monitor all primates in a special census book, each individual has its own name. Trekking with an English-speaking guide to mountain gorillas costs $500. One group is limited to 8 people. Mandatory rules: absence of diseases, keeping a distance with animals (7 meters), you can only talk in an undertone, photography and video shooting is allowed without a flash. Also here you can admire the beauty of the local flora: bamboo forests, evergreen tropics, meadows and swamps. There are five Virunga volcanoes in the park: Gahinga, Mukhabura, Karisimbi, Sabinyo and Bisoke. Volcano Park is 12 km away. from the city of Musanze, on the territory of which there are hotels and pensions. In Musanza, it is worth visiting a local attraction – a natural bridge formed by a volcanic lava flow. In the Nyungwe Park (1000 km2), tourists can enjoy a breathtaking view of the oldest tropical forests (200 species of trees, 140 species of orchids and other tropical plants), their age is measured in hundreds of thousands of years. The Congo and Nile rivers flow right there. It is home to a variety of reptiles, mammals, more than 300 subspecies of birds and 13 species of primates. Since 2010, tourists have been invited to explore the delights of the park from the height of suspension bridges that stretch across the entire area of the park. On the territory of the park there are hotels of different classes, as well as camping areas. Nyungwe is 230 km away. from the capital. Entrance to the park is free, however, the services of a guide, without which hiking is impossible, cost around $40-60. Akagera Park (1200 km2) is located on the border with Tanzania, 2.5 hours from Kigali. The park is a classic African savannah, with local inhabitants in the form of hippos, giraffes, water buffaloes, zebras, crocodiles, hyenas, antelopes and a wide variety of birds. Camping is allowed here. The cost of visiting and the services of a ranger guide will cost $ 30. All prices shown were fixed in 2011. In the northern part of the country, tourists are invited to visit the national village of Ibi’Iwasu, where you can enjoy local folklore, cuisine, take part in rituals and dances, and experience the healing procedures of local healers (healers). You should definitely visit the capital of Rwanda – the city of Kigali, as well as the National Museum of Rwanda, the Museum of Ancient History of Rwanda, the Museum of Natural History, the Genocide Memorials (in Ntarama, Nyamata and Kigali), the Ruesero Museum of Fine Arts and the Royal Palace in Nyanza.

National cuisine of Rwanda

Most of the restaurants are in Kigali. In addition to local cuisine, you can find Indian, European and Chinese restaurants here. Dishes of Rwandan cuisine are distinguished by their originality (lack of influence of foreign culinary traditions). Among the dishes of national cuisine, goat meat on a fire, grilled fish and grilled chicken are especially popular. Traditionally served as a side dish are potatoes, bananas with peppers and onions, beans, cassava, rice and vegetables. Among the drinks, local soda and beer are most in demand.


There is no rail transport in Rwanda. From Kigali, you can get to the port of Kyangugu (Lake Kivu) by Rwandair. Road transport is established only in the capital and other cities where you can travel by local taxis (moto taxis). There are bicycle taxi drivers in the villages. A tourist can also use the services of fixed-route taxis with a capacity of up to 7 people. Popular tourist routes are served by regular buses: Impala Express Bus, Virunga Express Bus, Belvedere Bus, Volcanoes Bus.

Visa to Rwanda

To travel to the country, Russians need to obtain a visa. There is no Embassy of Rwanda in the Russian Federation, so a visa can be issued either on the website of the Office of Emigration and Immigration of the Republic of Rwanda, or at one of the Rwandan representations in neighboring African countries. On the site you can apply for a tourist single or multiple entry visa V-1 Entry Visa, for a period of 30 days. The consular fee is $30 for a single V-1 visa, and $60 for a multiple entry visa. On the site, the tourist will have to fill out a questionnaire in English, indicating their data, date, purpose and trip plan, as well as the host hotel and booking confirmation. Within 24 hours, a visa confirmation will be sent to the tourist’s email address, which should be printed out and presented at the airport at the border control, where the visa fee should also be paid.

Sights of Rwanda

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