Sights of Slovenia

According to findjobdescriptions, the central city of Slovenia, Ljubljana is one of the main attractions of this small but beautiful country. It was built on the remains of an ancient Roman fortress, and is now full of medieval buildings, be it the Church of St. James, the Schweiger Palace or the column of Our Lady. The old town of Ljubljana is full of cozy narrow streets, cafes, restaurants and, of course, a motley crowd of tourists from all over the world. This is the heart of Slovenia. Be sure to visit such ancient cities of the country as Maribor and Ptuj, they are also famous for their beautiful buildings of the Middle Ages. There are more than 1000 karst caves in Slovenia, the most famous among them are Postojnska Yama, which is more than 2.5 kilometers deep, 23 kilometers long, impressive underwater lakes full of amazing fish, as well as Skocjan, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as the oldest surviving cave. The most beautiful national park in the country is Triglav, which also contains the highest mountain in Slovenia, which is a national symbol. Here you can see the picturesque landscapes of the Triglav Lakes valley, walk through the local forests, look into the mysterious and deep gorges, go rock climbing and much more. In the Ljubljana Marshes, also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, you will see prehistoric piled buildings, the bottom of an ancient lake that dried up 3.5 million years ago, and you can fully enjoy the beauty of the local nature.

National cuisine of Slovenia

Slovenia is a country of lovers of delicious food; you can eat here anytime, anywhere. Whether in the big city or the most seedy village, you will find a restaurant or cafe with a very affordable price tag. By the way, the country has a strict rating system for establishments, and by the name you can already judge the quality of dishes and the level of service, as the best restaurants are called “restorations”, and modest small eateries and cafes are called “strengthening shops”. Among the national dishes of Slovenia, it is worth highlighting such dishes as “pshrut” – chopped finely dried ham with olives, original pork sausages and, of course, “strukli” – dough balls stuffed with minced meat. Local desserts are also very popular among tourists. First of all, these are “gibanitsy” – a hot dessert with apples, cottage cheese, raisins in puff pastry with cream, cream chives” – puff pastry with vanilla cream or cream and “potitsa” – nut pies. Winemaking is widely developed in Slovenia, which has been developing here since the time of the Roman Empire. Local wines will satisfy the tastes of even the most sophisticated gourmets. Fruit liqueurs made with pears, apples, plums and honey are also popular here.


To Slovenia, namely to Ljubljana, Aeroflot and Adria Airways operate direct flights from Moscow, and there are also many charters during the tourist season. You can also fly here with a transfer in Venice, Zagreb, Vienna or Budapest. Inside the country, it is most convenient to travel by bus, the roads here are of high quality, and transport runs on schedule. The fare depends on the distance, but remains more than acceptable, you can buy a ticket at a newsstand or directly from the cashier. Transport runs from early morning 3:00 to late evening 00:00. The train is a great alternative to the bus, the railway in Slovenia also works efficiently and flawlessly, covering most parts of the country. Tickets are purchased at the box office or directly on the trains. If you have an international license, You can also travel around Slovenia in a rented car, which will require any credit card or a deposit for the car. You can also travel around Slovenia by boat/yacht and by bike.

Sights of Slovenia

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