Sights of Vlissingen, Netherlands

According to, Vlissingen is a popular tourist attraction in Zeeland. Most tourists come to the city to parade on the boulevard or enjoy a drink on one of the terraces at the Bellamypark. Vlissingen is the perfect base for tourists who want to see more of Zeeland. You can take the boat to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen here, the city of Middelburg has almost grown against Vlissingen and the Oosterscheldekering is only a fifteen minute drive away. Fortunately, Vlissingen itself also has more than enough to offer. There are several museums, a large reptile house and the largest pirate play world in the Netherlands. This pirate planet even has a real crow’s nest that is sixty-five meters high.

Top 10 sights of Vlissingen

#1. The boulevard of Vlissingen

The boulevard of Vlissingen is one of the main tourist attractions of Vlissingen. From the boulevard you have a beautiful view over the Western Scheldt and the Badstrand. There are a few hotels and several restaurants on the boulevard. Some of these restaurants have a terrace on the boulevard. The boulevard of Vlissingen is divided into three parts. The Bankert boulevard, the Evertsen Boulevard and the Ruyter boulevard are all named after Dutch naval heroes. The Prison Tower is located on the boulevard. This tower used to be part of the Westpoort. One of the old city gates of Vlissingen. The only downside of the Boulevard van Vlissingen is that cars are allowed to drive on it.

#2. Panorama Walcheren

The artwork, inspired by the Panorama Mesdag, in the halls of the former shipyard “de Schelde” could first be found in a warehouse in Middelburg. It has been in its current place since 2010 and has become a popular attraction in Vlissingen. Panorama Walcheren consists of several large canvases arranged in a half or three-quarter circle. In the former engine room of the shipyard you can now find the fishing port of Vlissingen, the quay in Veere, a view of Middelburg and many more panoramas. Ultimately, there should be 12 different ones in the hall.

#3. Reptile Zoo Iguana

The reptile zoo Iguana is located in the center of Vlissingen at the Bellamypark. It is the largest indoor reptile house in Europe. In total, more than five hundred different reptiles and other invertebrates live here. You will encounter, among other things, a twenty-five meter reticulated python, giant snails, poisonous lizards and tarantulas. The reptile zoo is open every day throughout the year except Christmas Day and January 1st. This attraction is not suitable for wheelchair users.

#4. Zeeland maritime muZeeum

The Zeeland maritime muZeeum is a museum in the center of Vlissingen on the Nieuwedijk. Vlissingen has been known for many years as the maritime stronghold of Zeeland. It is therefore not surprising that the Zeeland maritime muZeeum is located here. The museum originated from the Municipal Museum of Vlissingen. The museum is housed in a number of old buildings that are connected by a new complex. Part of the museum is housed in the Lampsinshuis, a former city palace in Vlissingen. The museum has a nice varied collection about Vlissingen’s maritime past. Brasserie ‘de Gecroonde Liefde’ is located next to the museum.

#5. The Bellamy Park

The Bellamypark is the center of the nightlife in Vlissingen. On this square or in the immediate vicinity of this square you can find almost all cafes and discotheques that are located in Vlissingen. In the summer months, the Bellamy Park bustles with life. The terraces are well stocked and all kinds of events are organized on a regular basis. Some of the biggest events in Vlissingen, such as the liberation festival and the fair, are held on this square. The reptile zoo Iguana is located on the square. The Bellamypark is located where the Koopmanshaven used to be.

#6. Hot Badstrand

The Badstrand is a wide beach right in front of the Evertsenboulevard. This is what makes the beach so special. You can walk on the beach from the Boulevard. So there are no difficult dunes that you have to climb over first, but you can immediately descend to the beach. Unlike the other beaches near Vlissingen, this beach is not flooded twice a day, but a large part of the beach remains accessible all day. In the winter months it is allowed to walk with stray dogs here. The nearby Nollestrand is characterized by the beach houses where you can spend the night in the summer months.

#7. Museum ship Mercuur

Museum ship Mercuur is located in the Dokhaven in the heart of maritime Vlissingen. As a former naval ship, it recalls the long shipbuilding tradition in the Scheldt quarter. On board the former torpedo work ship, visitors step into the world of the navy in the 1950s and can view the wheelhouse, the commander’s cabin, the crew’s sleeping quarters, the command center and the engine room. There are many free activities for children.

#8. Film by the Sea

Film By the Sea is a major film festival held annually in Vlissingen. During this festival, many Dutch but also foreign film stars come to the city for the many premieres that take place during this festival. During the festival there is always extra attention for book adaptations. The winner of the Dioraphte Film and Literature Competition will be announced during the festival. In addition to the festival, “Film by the Sea” is also a foundation that screens film throughout the year in the cinemas of Vlissingen and Terneuzen.

#9. art routes

Several art routes can be cycled and walked in Vlissingen. These routes take you along the various works of art in and around the city. The walking route is about four kilometers long and takes you along the green boulevard, the Bellamypark and other places where the works of art are hidden in the city. The cycle routes differ in length, the shortest being eight kilometers long and the longest seventeen. During these cycling tours you will pass the Landing Monument, the statue of Michiel de Ruyter, the Bride, the nautical student, and the Betje Wolff monument. The different routes are available at the VVV van Vlissingen.

#10. Michiel de Ruyter statue

Michiel de Ruyter is one of the greatest naval heroes the Netherlands has ever known. He owes his fame mainly to the victories he achieved in the war against the English and the defeat of several pirates in the Baltic Sea. This famous naval hero was born and raised in Vlissingen. He was baptized and married in the Sint-Jacobs church in Vlissingen. He is honored in several ways in his hometown. For example, there is a statue of him on the emperor’s stronghold, part of the boulevard, the marina and a square are named after him, and the ‘Sail de Ruyter’ event is organized here every few years.

Vlissingen, Netherlands

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