Smartwatch Moto 360 Sport Is Launched In Brazil

Smartwatch Moto 360 Sport Is Launched In Brazil

On Tuesday (19), Motorola launched in Brazil the Moto 360 Sport, as the name implies, an updated version of the smartwatch of the brand, but focused especially for sports activities.

Smartwatch Moto 360 Sport Is Launched In Brazil

The device, which had been unveiled in September 2015 along with the second generation of the “normal” Moto 360 (which is still without availability in the country), can already be found at Motorola kiosks and will arrive until the end of the month at the Brazilian retailer . But it is good to prepare the pocket: the suggested price of Moto 360 Sport is $ 999. Just so you can compare, in the United States, the watch sells for about $ 300.

According to Motorola executives, there are a number of factors that have led to this figure, with the high dollar being the main one. Still, the company believes the gadget can offer a value for money not only for the public who is well connected to sports, but also for those who care about health and well-being. All right then.

Because of this focus on physical activities, the Moto 360 Sport has some differentials compared to the rest of the line. To begin with, the bracelet is all made of silicone and has a coating that protects it from damages caused by sweat, rain, sun rays, among others.The holes to fit the clasp of the watch are well spaced to facilitate ventilation.

It is good even if the bracelet has all this protection: it is not possible to change it.Motorola’s explanation for this is that the wristband also wraps around the antenna of another Moto 360 Sport: GPS. The intention with the implementation of this component and the sensors (heart monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.) is to make the user less dependent on the smartphone. You do not need to take it to map the path you have taken on a hike, for example. Smartwatch GPS can do this job.

Yes, the screen continues with that part erased at the bottom. Motorola’s rationale is that there are, among other features, the clock’s illumination sensor and the circuits that transmit information to the screen. If it were to be fully used, these components would have to be positioned at other points, which would leave the device larger.

Anyway, you can notice some improvement on the screen compared to the previous generation. The component has, for example, a mode called Moto AnyLight that automatically adjusts the levels of brightness and contrast in well-lit environments to prevent you having to cover your watch with your hand to see the screen well. In a quick test I did, the feature worked just fine. It is a hand in the wheel for races or walks on sunny days.

As an operating system, Moto 360 Sport has the latest version of Android Wear, so you can find a decent number of apps for fitness that is compatible with smartwatch. But, of course, Motorola made a point of highlighting the Moto Body, an application that monitors their activities and offers statistics on calorie burning, distances traveled, heart rate, among others.

In the guts of the smartwatch there is a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, Adreno 305 GPU, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal storage (3.5 GB free for the user), 802.11g Wi-Fi , Bluetooth 4.0 and 300 mAh battery.

The screen has 1.37 inch, resolution of 360 × 325 pixels and Gorilla Glass 3
In the first generation Moto 360 the battery has 320 mAh, but Motorola says that this difference does not reduce the autonomy, on the contrary: due to the new processor and more optimized software, Moto 360 Sport does better in energy saving. Even then, you’ll still need to recharge your device at least once a day.

In general, the Moto 360 Sport is a smartwatch that causes positive impressions. The screen has good quality and the bracelet seemed quite comfortable, just to exemplify. I do not deny that the battery made me suspicious ( Tecnoblog has already requested areview unit to evaluate this and other aspects), but the negative point is really for the price: the device costs almost twice the first-generation Moto 360.

What about the Motorola brand?

Today’s launch marks Motorola’s first press conference in Brazil in 2016. So it was inevitable for the press to touch one of the most controversial issues in recent days: the”end” of the Motorola brand.

In practice, everything will continue in the same way. This is how you can summarize the answers given by the representatives of the company ( Lenovo ). They explained that, in fact, there will be great focus on the names Moto and Vibe, but the whole operation will continue as before. The Motorola Mobility division will even continue to have that name.Basically, everything is just a readjustment for marketing purposes. We’ll see if the strategy will work.