Sommerdeko Design with Led Favorite Places

Now in the summer, life takes place outside again. So make beautiful yourself! Here we show you how to out there set up your favourite place-with many lighting ideas for balconies and private garden for an evocative atmosphere.

We have summer. And no matter how long it takes this time: to make the balcony or garden that you feel good there is always worthwhile. On beautiful lighting displays, you can enjoy even, for example, even in winter.

LED spotlightsare especially handy, light chain sets orGarden lamps with spike, not firmly installed must be. So you can power cables, cable ducts and lines and staging elements over and over again. Electric bulbs, LED lamps provide sufficient light on push of a button and offer numerous possibilities. They areextremely energy-saving, so that even decorative lights can still burn throughout the evening. LED lights for the garden, there are wall and walkway lights, in the form of the Lantern and fairy lights and spots and Garden Spotlight. Particularly sophisticated: Combi lights from LEDs and solar: with a few hours of sunlight a day, these lamps illuminate your garden at night up to 13 hours and that completely flexibly and independently from a fixed power source!

Design With Light–It Is Concretely

Now you know, what-is missing only the “how”. What options there are so striking balcony and garden design with light?

Highlight Elements
Draw the nightly attention on flowering shrubs and flowers, with white or yellow flowers with a LED spotlight and make organic works of art of bamboo, grasses, or free-standing trees.Important: Position to the top spot, and only some plants shine.

Sit Longer Outside
They love to sit outside comfortably with friends at dinner in the summer? Extend your time in the open air: not only the light on the wall of the House provides sufficient brightness. Createatmospheric light Islands with several small lights around the seat or illuminate your dining area with LED garden lamps. There are now comfortable table, floor and hanging lamps specifically for outdoor use. You can also always set to classics such as lanterns, oil lamps or torches.

Occasionally used accents are ideal, to create real haunts and repeatedly to ensure surprise. What, exactly? Well, how about for example with round flares for the garden lanterns for the trees or swim lights for ponds or water surfaces?