South Carolina Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the Southeastern USA, 80,582 km², 4,321,249 residents (2006 estimate), 54 residents/km², capital: Columbia. Borders: North Carolina (N), Atlantic ocean (E), Georgia (S, W). “See geographic map vol. V, page 485” “For the geographic map see the lemma of the 5th volume.”

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State Overview

The territory is mostly flat, or barely moved by modest hills, except in the north-western section, affected by the Blue Ridge chain, which here culminates at 1085 m in Mount Sassafras. The coast, which stretches for 301 km from Long Bay to the mouth of the Savannah River, is low, jagged and often swampy. The hydrographic network is dense and the water courses descend to the Atlantic with NW-SE direction: the main ones are the Pee Dee, the Santee, the Edisto and the Savannah, which marks the border with Georgia. Numerous lakes, mostly artificial (Murray, Marion, Moultrie, Wateree). The climate is warm temperate, but in the southern part it assumes subtropical characteristics. Rainfall is more frequent in mountainous regions and near the coast. No center reaches 100,000 inhabitants: in addition to the capital, Columbia, we remember Charleston, Greenville, Spartanburg and Rock Hill. The main economic resource is represented by agriculture: tobacco, cereals, peanuts and fruit are produced; the cotton harvest is good, despite the fact that this crop has experienced a certain regression throughout the SE due to diseases and pests. Cattle breeding (cattle, pigs, poultry), fishing and forest exploitation follow. Among the industries, the main ones are the textile, clothing and chemical industries. Mineral resources are scarce, while a significant contribution to the formation of income comes from tourism.

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Visited by the Spaniards in the century. XVI, the first stable settlement of English colonists dates back to 1670. Although South and North Carolina theoretically formed only one colony, in practice their governments were always separate. The colonial period was characterized by the struggles against the proprietary lords and the crown, which took over from the first in 1719. South Carolina participated in the war of independence and ratified the Constitution in 1788. It supported a bitter controversy with the federal government over the issue of tariffs customs and then for slavery in the period immediately preceding the civil war; he was then the first state to proclaim secession. Destroyed by federal troops during the civil war, it was readmitted to the Union in 1868. During the Reconstruction, it was ruled by corrupt and authoritarian administrations. Returning to normal (1877), it was dominated by the Democratic Party, both for historical reasons and because it is recognized as the only one capable of defending white supremacy. The rules introduced in 1895 to limit black voting rights expired in 1965.

Below you will see top cities in South Carolina.

Rock Hill

City ​​(41,600 residents) of the State of South Carolina (USA), 100 km N of Columbia, 210 m to the right of the Wateree River. Agricultural market (cotton, fruit) and livestock with textile, chemical and wood industries.


City ​​(43,500 residents) of the State of South Carolina (USA), 130 km NW of Columbia. Important road and rail junction and active agricultural market (fruit, cereals, fodder, cotton), it is home to textile, metalworking, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and tobacco industries. Airport.

Greenville (USA)

Name of some cities in the USA, including one in North Carolina (35,700 residents), 100 km ESE of Raleigh, on the Tar River; a second in South Carolina (58,200 residents), 150 km NW of Columbia; a third in Mississippi (40,600 residents), 150 km NW of Jackson, on the left of the Mississippi River; and a fourth in Texas (22,200 residents), 70 km NE of Dallas.

Charleston (South Carolina)

City ​​(69,500 residents) of the State of South Carolina (USA), on the Atlantic coast, 170 km SE of Columbia. Equipped with a well-equipped port, it is an export market for cotton and tobacco and home to shipbuilding, food (fish preserves), textile, chemical, petrochemical, rubber and wood industries. Airport. Tourism. § Founded in the second half of the century. XVII, the capital of South Carolina until 1790, played a prominent part in the Secession war which, in fact, began with the bombing and occupation of Fort Sumter (1861), in its port. Almost uninterruptedly besieged by the Northerners, Charleston was conquered in February 1865.

Columbia (South Carolina)

City ​​(110,840 residents in 1998; 488,207 residents the metropolitan area) and capital of the State of South Carolina (USA), located 90 m on the Congaree River, 20 km ESE of Lake Murray. It is an active commercial and industrial center (textile, food, chemical, metalworking plants) but above all a cultural center, home to the Allen universities (1870) and South Carolina (1801) and numerous higher education institutions. Airport. Founded in 1786 to be the new state capital, it was almost entirely destroyed by fire (1865) during the Secession war.

S.C. – Landlord and Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

State university’s housing services produces this guide to inform its student body and local citizenry of their duties and rights as tenants.


S.C. – Law Line, The S.C. Bar FAQ

Page through this compilation of FAQs presented by the state Bar Association, to access primers on rental leases, complaints, rights and duties.


S.C. – Palmetto Legal Services, Landlord & Tenant Law

South Carolina org. furnishes a Q&A primer outlining leasing issues including rent, conduct, rights and duties. Translates in various languages.


S.C. – Resources for Renters

Distributes contact details of associations and services within South Carolina, and adds links to related publications and guides.


S.C. – Title 27, Chapter 40

Exhibits the text of the South Carolina Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, and adds notes regarding its enactment and subsequent amendments.


South Carolina Tenant-Landlord Law

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