South Dakota Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the north central USA, 199,730 km², 781,919 residents (2006 estimate), 4 inhabitants / km², capital: Pierre. Borders: North Dakota (N), Minnesota and Iowa (E), Nebraska (S), Wyoming and Montana (W). “For the geographical map see the lemma of the 7th volume.” “The geographical map is on page 524 of the 7th volume.”

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The territory, mostly flat, rises however to the W in the Black Hills (Harney Peak, 2207 m) and to the E in the ridge of the Coteau des Prairies, and is crossed by the Missouri River with the tributaries Moreau, Cheyenne, White, James and Big Sioux. The economy is based on agriculture, which finds the best terrains in the eastern part of the state; massive irrigation works, however, allowed greater exploitation of the driest areas in the W of Missouri. Main products are cereals (rye, wheat, oats), flax and potatoes; cattle breeding (cattle, sheep and pigs) is widespread. Gold (Homestake mine, the largest in the USA), beryl, silver, iron, uranium and oil are extracted from the subsoil; the industrial sector, not very developed, mainly concerns food products and woodworking. The urban population is increasing, but the rural one continues to prevail, albeit with a narrow margin, as also shown by the absence of large centers and the greater diffusion of smaller ones, located on the banks of large rivers. Important cities, besides the capital, are Sioux Falls, on the eponymous river, Aberdeen and Huron, on the Dakota River, and Rapid City in the silver hills of the Black Hills, on the Missouri River. It became a federated state in 1889.

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Below you will see top cities in South Dakota.


City ​​(12,900 residents) and capital of the state of South Dakota (USA), on the left of the Missouri River, opposite Fort Pierre. Agricultural and livestock market. Airport.

Sioux Falls

City ​​(101,000 residents) of the state of South Dakota (USA), 120 km NNW of Sioux City, on the Big Sioux river, which forms large waterfalls here. Active agricultural (cereals) and livestock market with food, mechanical and packaging industries. Nearby, hydroelectric power station. Airport.

Rapid City

City ​​(54,500 residents) of the state of South Dakota (USA), 230 km to WSW of Pierre, 984 m in the Black Hills. Active agricultural market (cereals, sugar beets) and livestock, it is home to the food, cement and wood industries; nearby, extraction of gold, silver, zinc, lead, tungsten, antimony and copper. Airport.

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South Dakota Tenant-Landlord Law

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